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  1. Hi Niklas, Got this sorted with your support. Turned out to be a misinterpreted the function from my side. I thought Highlights = Final summary, kind of a synonym. But now I understand there is a function to highlight text. Thank you Best regards, Emil
  2. Hi, This doesn't work for me. Bought Blinkist about a month ago and activated the Evernote sync. The only thing that happened was that Blinkist created the notebook "Blinkist", but have never synced any notes to it when I finish books. Any ideas? Have tried to turn off/on the sync in Blinkist a couple of times, didn't help. Best regards, Emil
  3. Thanks for the info, now it works like a charm.
  4. Hi, I'm a new user of Evernote in Sweden and is trying to use it with my Android, but I'm having problems. Every time I try to upload any media I get the following error message in log: "NoteUploader.uploadNote EDAMSystemException: Resource errorCode=4" This happens with Snapshot/File/Audio, but not with notes. What does Resource errorCode=4 mean? Couldn't find any info in forum. Thanks/Emil
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