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  1. thank you unfortunately, most of the time things come from an industrial-strength scanner that emails me pdf files - there are no options. my little scanner is too slow to deal with stacks of paper. even when i do use the little scanner (an HP multi-function), i usually want to run things through Acrobat Pro's "optimize scanned files" when they come off that device. (as an aside - since this is really about workflow - jpeg compression on scanned handwriting (with the sharp edges) won't be so great.the adaptive compression schemes in acrobat can pick schemes that work well on the line drawings (like handwritten text) or perceptual DCT methods (like JPEG) when needed. and lossless image compression would lead to huge files since they can't deal with the scanning noise gracefully) i guess the short answer is that evernote isn't as ideal for dealing with my scanned notes as i would have hoped, and that the premium product won't help much. its still handy to have all the PDFs in one place and to be able to browse them quickly.
  2. Thanks - is there an easy way to convert a PDF to an image format (preferably after uploading)? (my fast scanners all give me multi-page PDFs which is really convenient, except for this). Is there a good image file format to handle the multi-page documents (if i upload each page as an image, i'll need to keep the ordering)? thanks, mike
  3. I have been using Evernote for 2 months - its great so far, except: It doesn't seem like it is doing handwriting recognition on scanned documents (which are uploaded as PDFs). I was wondering: is this not working because I am not paying for premium (yet), so I don't get searching in PDFs? I was hoping to try this out before I pay for premium (chicken and egg here: I am only interested in premium if it is good at letting me search my hand-written notes). Or is there some other explanation (like, handwriting recognition doesn't work in PDFs, or only works from photographs, or ...) Thanks! mike
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