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  1. Any progress on fixing the "delete leading spaces" bug in Evernote for Android? I see a new beta is out, but it's not on the Marketplace yet. Will this version allow me to use leading spaces before text on lines in text notes to make paragraph indents?
  2. Has anyone had a problem with Evernote for Android stripping leading spaces from lines in text notes? I use Evernote for simple text editing, so I can work on notes interchangeably on my Droid and my laptop and my work computer. There is no tab character in the text editor, and the Android app doesn't have the "Indent right" button that the web based editor has, so I like to use spaces to indicate paragraph and subparagraph indentations. This is no problem with the web based editor. But the Android app keeps stripping all the leading spaces from the indented lines, which of course effectively un-indents them. Has anyone else noticed this? Has anyone found a way to correct it, ie, to protect the leading spaces from being stripped?
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