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  1. MB Air / FF 46.0.1 / webclipper 6.2.0 The option to clip to the client is not available. The only option is "cloud" Expected results: Firefox/add-ons/webclipper/preferences/save clips to [cloud or client] Actual resutls: Firefox/add-ons/webclipper/preferences/save clips to [cloud] What's up???
  2. The HAND Stylus is brand new. It's finally in production and I got mine after joining in on the Kickstarter project. Love it. http://handstylus.com/
  3. Looks nice for drawing, but until it gets a zoom feature for writing text it can't replace my note taking app
  4. Interesting features: Tips are retractable, rotatable, replaceable and only 4mm wide. That's half the width of my other stylus'. I preordered and they ship in July. http://www.cultofmac.com/167391/hand-stylus-comes-with-retractable-replaceable-tips/
  5. Some have done side by sides and they'll probably weigh in. I haven't, but I love the FF clipper as long as it's set to clip to the client and not the web (FF>tools>add-ons>extensions>Evernote clipper>preferences). The content and how it's rendered in the browser makes a difference too so a problem isn't always a result of the clipper. Over time I learned when to only hit the clip icon vs select then clip vs copy and paste. It seems most people use the clipper associated with their browser of choice not the other way around. I used to have Chrome on standby for any clipping issues with FF but found I never needed it. Let's all just pray that the Chrome and FF add on's don't go the way of Safari and not allow us to clip to the client.
  6. Meh. The integration could be great, but I won't consider the app until it gets a zoom feature. Get it up to the level of Notability, Notetaker HD and others and I'm in.
  7. See my post in this thread http://discussion.ev...__fromsearch__1
  8. Thanks. I'll play around with those ideas, including Dropbox. My cloud backup is iDrive and EN stuffs it pretty full.
  9. Now there's something I could get used to !!! Or an unfinished basement Well welcome to Mountain View. 72 deg except Dec and Jan when it drops to 71. Burrrrrrrr
  10. The mudroom is usually the first room off the entryway, where you take off your muddy boots. Yeah, the humor was a bit subtle. We laugh about MR's (and the weather that brings the need) and basements out here cause no one has them
  11. Is that like one of those basement things? Cheers from the West Coast !!
  12. Yeah me too. I don't scan anything that is already available on the web like bank or utility statements. It's mostly receipts for tools, appliances, etc, and at that it's really only the expensive purchases. Then there's the privacy thing. So far I'm just not comfortable with my SSN or other ID stuff out there ("wide open databases"). Most of my notes are web clippings and work documents. Hey Burgers...I know you TC your stuff. Is that a volume on each of your devices?
  13. No experience with Canon but I use the S1300. To your point: Scan quality: 5 stars depending on the resolution you set Ease of use: 5 stars. Set up is simple or advanced depending on what you want. It's very flexible and offers the ability of making unlimited profiles. So I have one that does single side, another for double side, another for direct to EN, another for higher res, etc, etc. ADF: 5 stars. I use two hands to adjust the paper guides as sometimes the mechanism needs some help from the other side. Realignment: 5 stars for all but the largest deviation I also really like it's ability to scan an editable version to Word. This video is what sold me:
  14. Metro, I got the Scansnap S1300 a few months back to replace my HP flatbed. Great performance, small footprint, very customizable, insanely fast for its size, great reviews and it didn't break the bank. Couldn't be happier. I considered the S1500 but the increased speed wasn't worth the big bump in price and the larger footprint. This overview sealed the deal:
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