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  1. Like many others, my brain refuses to accept a flat tagging and categorization system, even with the most powerful search capabilities. Here's how I put nested tags to work to create usable "subfolders":

    1. Name notebooks according to "Parent" tag conventions. For example, I have one notebook called "Recipes," another called "Journal" and another called "Dogs."

    2. Create identically named tags, one for each notebook. We'll call these Parent tags.

    3. Use the nested tags feature to add child tags under each Parent tag. For example, my Recipes parent tag contains the tags "dessert," "cookies," "chocolate," etc.

    4. Nest the remaining tags under their appropriate notebooks. I have "kennels," "puppies," and a tag for each dog's name nested under Dogs. It's OK if some tags overlap, just let these tags reside under the most relevant Parent tag, or under the Parent tag for your default notebook.

    5. Use the Tags feature in the sidebar to browse tags by hierarchy! Or, if you want to view all the notes under that Parent, select the identically named notebook.


    - I did have to go back and re-organize and delete many of my original tags; with 100+ tags (many of which were only used once), this took about an hour.

    - The Parent tag does NOT function as an actual tag. Not all tags in that category are automatically selected when you search for or click the Parent tag (using this system, just select the identically named notebook instead!), nor do I tag every note with the name of the Parent tag. In most cases, my Parent tags are empty! But I can quickly find what I'm looking for, tag-wise, under the tags column in the sidebar, whereas before I was stuck with a seemingly random list of disconnected tags.

    - I know it's not a perfect solution by any means, but it looks like EN counts on us to be innovative.

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