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  1. p.s. When the second set of steps is executed, what finally gets posted to the server and thus to the local copy? Does File on the server win out because its on the server Newly edited local version win out because its "newer" It does a 'diff' as I outline so it trys to use the most current information from both the server and the local copies to come up with a final copy. Obviously more complex but really the right answer because as BnF outlines, someone may have changed the server copy in the interim.
  2. Catbert, based on BnF reply, you are correct there shouldn't be a downside. I still think there might be room for problems, though, if one is not careful. My concern is that EN might get confused based on when a restore and subsequent editing gets done. I am not claiming to understand the algorithm, but I am guessing that order of operations will matter no matter how smart EN is. Correct restore would be Restore backup Force Sync with Server Make edits As opposed to Restore backup Make edits Sync with Server I'm guessing EN can get confused if the second set of steps is used. I suppose it depends mostly on the level of detail used by EN to sync. Do you guys know if EN syncs at the whole file level, or is it more clever and behaves like source code repositories that work on line by line basis (we refer to it as a file 'diff'). In the second, the sync can only get in trouble if two people are changing the same line of the same file. Of course if 'whole file' syncing is getting done then everything gets blown away and one file or the other, probably the newest, wins out. Does this make sense?
  3. BnF - even though your not affiliated with EN your efforts are much appreciated! Just so I'm clear regarding backup of Local Notebooks. And I'm only talking about local notebooks here. Its my understanding that the Local Notebooks are also stored in the .exb file so we CAN NOT back them up separately. The proper, and only by my understanding, way to ensure backup and reuse of our Local Notebooks should a catastrophe occur is to: backup the Evernote/Databases directory, Upon restore, should I lose my information, I need to reinstall EN, replace the Evernote/Databases directory with what I have backed up, and then resync with the Server What this should do is rsync with the Server keeping my Local Notebooks in tact? Is this understanding correct? Seems like a bit of a pain. For me, logically, I think it would be better if the Local Notebooks where keep separately from the rest of the synced information, That directory could then be backed up and should a Restore be required its just a matter of replacing the Local Notebooks directory on the newly installed version with what I have backed up. Just feels like I'm relying on a bit of magic to have the resync after Restore be able to match up a backup with whats on the Server. But I'll do what it takes to sleep better at night. Local notebooks are a great idea for confidential information if one really wants to become paperless. Next will be comfort with a backup policy that I can be assured is going to work! Thx!
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