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  1. For anyone else who may have this porblem, here is the solution. I followed Evernote's recomendation. I sent them a copy of the log generated after trying to open evernote. They told me it looked like it was trying to write to a previous Evernote folder on my SD card. I unistalled Evernote from my phone and deleted the Evernote directory from my SD card. I then reinstalled Evernote and it works great. Thanks again staff Jason
  2. Thanks So I tried the beta and got the same results. I downloaded the log program and emailed the results to myself. How can I get these to you? Thanks Jason
  3. I just updated my samsung moment to android 2.1. I'm reinstalling all my apps and am doing evernote now. When I enter in the information for login (user/pass) it goes to a black screen, does nothing for a bit and then goes back to the home screen. Any ideas why its doing this now? And I have tried rebooting the phone Thanks Jason
  4. Yes. uninstalled rebooted reinstalled from the catalog What's next? Thanks Jason
  5. I doubt that would work on my phone, it is the Palm Pixi. The most curious thing about it is that it used to work fine and then one day it stopped working. Thanks Jason
  6. Just tried doing that and it still says it can't connect to the Evernote server
  7. I am trying to get Evernote to work again on my Palm Pixi. When I first downloaded the app, it worked great for a while. Then suddenly one day, a few weeks ago, it would no longer connect to Evernote when I tried to load the app. I've deleted the app and reinstalled it and it still won't work. It's not a matter of the cell phone service as my Samsung Moment (both are Sprint devices) will connect. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Jason
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