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  1. Is there any way to create copies of notes within Evernote? Currently I'm having to export a notebook, import it and copy the note across to the notebook where I want it duplicated. I appreciate it's not a usual task, but for building mood boards (with one notebook per client) I find it very useful to copy items from my 'central' repository to each notebook - and then I can delete them afterwards.
  2. Ah thanks engberg, I suppose I should have guessed that the OS was preventing it - there's no other reason you'd have done it a longer/more contrived way!
  3. I started using Evernote on Windows and love being able to hit the Windows key + A to add absolutely anything on my computer to Evernote. Is there an equivalent on the Mac, that doesn't involve copying and then pasting into Evernote?
  4. This is not a Mac only bug, but I most recently encountered it there. I use x-irc for IRC on Windows and OSX. If I copy the chat history and paste it into Evernote it displays correctly, with line breaks in the right places. However, when the note is synchronised to another computer, the line breaks disappear, and the chat transcript becomes one continuous line. I only discovered this after pasting in an entire conference-worth of IRC logs (not having logging enabled) and now have to format them by hand :-O
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