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  1. Just another happy user (no, passionate user, who has sung Skitch's praises to every coworker who will listen) saying that I'm going back to Skitch 1.x until/unless 2.x gets the same level of features and ease of use. I'm happy to see Skitch become part of the Evernote family, but not if it means gutting the old feature set.
  2. Also FWIW, I think that the Evernote add actually has this functionality, but in this case I don't want to store the PDF in Evernote—just annotated it, then drag it into a web browser upload form.
  3. FWIW, I tried to make my own Automator or AppleScript to do this, but Skitch doesn't appear to support either of those technologies.
  4. Please add the ability to send a PDF to Skitch from the OS X print menu. This feature would be unbelievably useful, and I'd hate to have to move to another tool. When I file bug reports at my company, I want to be able to attach a PDF with Skitch-quality annotations on it. Why PDF? Because the end user can then select and copy text from it to reproduce the bug. Why Skitch? Because it has the perfect "pass-through" workflow. Every other app requires me to save a copy somewhere and adds lots of unnecessary steps. For the record, the "Snap Safari" feature doesn't meet this need because I'm trying to capture pages behind a secure login. (In addition, it seems to capture at a weird resolution, but that may just be a mistake on my part.) Thanks!
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