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  1. I definitely agree. I think a new internal representation, or trying to find a way juggle between the two representations, would be hard. Instead, I was thinking EN could store the data the way it does, but detect when I've input text that looks like wiki markup and display it properly outside of edit-mode. Or provide me with some meta syntax (like !wiki-markup or something) to tell EN to ignore all the internal formatting (all the html directives that it normally interprets) when trying to display the note, and instead display the text formatted according to the markup directives it might find. However, this might be difficult for some people to accept or understand. Also, escaping interpreting those directives could be difficult (the internal representation is so rich, it would be hard for EN to interpret if you are writing a page in EN about wiki-markup, or a page in EN /in/ wiki-markup). I understand its not an easy suggestion to implement. Maybe its a bad suggestion, but should be interpreted instead as a sign of a problem. I don't really want to turn EN into a wiki. But I do want to turn it into a place where I can do my work, keep lab notes, equations, algorithms, snippits of code. In EN, its easy to get data into it and its easy to get data out of it. Its not easy to make data inside of it. For note-takers, drafters, list-makers, etc its a real draw back. I guess I see the same type of comments in this forum from folks who want image editing inside of EN-- a suggestion which I think is a little preposterous. If I want something as complicated as image editing, I would use some other program. When its done, throw it into EN. For some reason, I don't feel the same way about making a bulleted list, a table, or an equation in latex. I really want to do that inside of EN. Is that wrong? I am really resistant to doing these things somewhere else and throwing it into EN when its "done" (for one thing, because things /I/ produce are never really "done" and I typically want to go back to edit them more, or add things to them.)
  2. I'm struggling with making the full-fledged payed-user switch to using EN, due entirely to the clunky editor. I don't blame EN for making a clunky GUI editor. Its hard. Fonts switch when I hit return, links break or won't break when I want them too. I can't figure out how to add a new column or row to a table. And these don't seem like easy things to fix, to me. I would really prefer some wiki markup language. Any flavor, I don't care which. I will learn it. I also need some basic text formatters, for rendering snippets of C, java, and latex so they look pretty. I often work to make some overly complicated grep pattern or something, and think "hey, I'd like to throw this into my external brain, tag it, and recall it later" but then I'm struggling with it displaying in Helvetica extra small, and now somehow the period turned into a link to something, and (omg) it seems easier to just write this code snippet on my whiteboard and then take a picture of it. Yikes! I realize rich text allows lots of fancy looking things to be pasted into EN and "look correct." I don't expect a way to take arbitrary things that are pasted and convert it into some wiki markup language. I just want the option to type in a nice monospaced font and, with a wink and a nod, have EN display it properly when I'm viewing it outside of edit mode. Well, a preview button would be nice too. I searched for this topic, and didn't find a thread that gave it the justice it deserved. I found a lot of complaints about the editor, about lack of support for richtext on the iphone app, about default font problems, issues with tabs. I wonder how many of these complains would disappear with a sensible enough wiki language, so people could avoid using the slightly flawed wysiwyg editor. The other features of EN, however, blow me away. Its an otherwise wonderful product.
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