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  1. OK, at least i know i have not been doing something wrong now. Evernote tech support have acknowledged this is a known bug and they are working on trying to fix it. So if it happens to you hopefully this post will save you the pain i have been through installing and uninstalling evernote 5 times and waiting for 4gb of local notebook data to sync over WIFI every time.
  2. Further update on this. It appears that snippets are slowly rendering thumbs as each day i check there seems to be more thumbs rendered than the day before. So for some reason as yet unexplained evernote can not render all the snippets and it may take weeks for all the snippets to render at a rate of about 10 per day.
  3. I have a Nexus 7 32gb and a Evernote notebook with app 8500 notes. It could be about 4gb of data. Almost all of my notes are screengrabs and images. Since i got the Nexus i have installed evernote and found that thumbnails don't render for new notes. I also found that they did render for notes created up till about september although it was missing quite few in that months entries. I just seems as though there is either a note it hits that breaks the rendering or evernote can't render that many thumbs from the size of notebook i have. Does anyone else ever see this problem. It's not due to the nexus as i had the same problem on a Samsung Note.
  4. Hello, I have a galaxy note and the thumbnails do not show for new notes in snippet mode. This started to happen recently. I logged out and re synced my whole offline 4GB again and they came up but then all new notes will again not show the thumbnails. I have the latest beta and confirm it is the same problem on the Beta as the stable release. Any help would be appreciated. Steve
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