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  1. Sorry about that - I had a dropbox clearout... I've put the script up on gist - it's very hacky, horrible, non-error checking code. https://gist.github.com/zoejessica/729bae14565c928c9a0d
  2. Solved my own problem: here's an applescript I wrote which takes selected notes from Evernote, extracts title, tags and source url and emails them into Pinboard. evernoteToPinboard script
  3. I'd like to export the title, source url and associated tags from some of my notes, in order to import them into Pinboard. There are a couple of script-based solutions on the forum which produce a straight list of urls from notes, but which lose any associated tags. The most straightforward way I can think of is to export the notes as an enex xml file, and then parse this with an xslt stylesheet into an html bookmark file (such as Safari produces when exporting bookmarks) which could then be uploaded to Pinboard... if only I knew xml well enough...! I can't be the only one wanting to get tagged bookmarks out of Evernote - can anyone help me out?
  4. Sometimes when I choose a sort option in the menu in the notes panel, it seems to have no effect on the sort order of the notes immediately – I have to close that evernote window and open another before my sorting choice is shown.
  5. This is something I've noticed as well – if you click on a saved search when the tag tree is closed, it flips open which can be distracting when you're trying to go quickly between saved searches.
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