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  1. The data loss bug was fixed. It happened to be tied to notes with unsupported formatting which is not a bug, although it is bothersome.
  2. the unsupported formatting issue is still happening even now in version 5.01 i cant use divider line or indented checkbox in android at least give us a list of what formatting to avoid when using android i didn't try resyncing and see if data loss happens but the inability to use divider line is already a big frustration i can't see how the 4.1.4 update fixed it am i missing something? i also tried uninstalling and deleting the database then reinstalling but still wont work mohamed, Check out the bottom of the first post in this thread for my unofficial list of supported/unsupported Android formatting. I haven't tested in 5.x but I doubt anything has changed. Jeremy
  3. Yeah, that's an awesome idea that would create some great usage scenarios. It does seem like a more challenging effort though. Direct links to Notebooks seems like something that could be whipped up in a day? No?
  4. This is EXACTLY what I wish was available as well.
  5. Agreed. When I try to use the window client it says "go to the admin console on the web to empty trash". From the Admin Console I can only find a way to delete the notebook. What am I missing? Thanks.
  6. Yes they do. At least they do for me. What platform are you using? The time stamps all get reset for me when using Windows. What exact steps are you taking to export/import? Thanks!
  7. Yeah, I just upgraded in a fit of excitement over the the ability to seperate business from personal and manage my users more easily. I'm not sure it's worth the extra $2150 per year to manage my 20 user accounts. :-(
  8. So if you change the first few steps, you should be able to solve that. Select Notes you'd like to export. Right Click & select "Export Notes" Select .enex file type (Should be default setting) Click Options to make sure Created & Updated dates are preserved Export to your desktop (or somewhere else convenient) Drag the .enex into a business notebook. Hi, I too want to move notes from personal to business notebooks. I have tried using the process explained above, but it is not preserving the dates. I don't know if it is relevant but when I export and click options all but the preserve tags is ticked but greyed out. Thanks in advance, Debbie Hi Debbie, Them being grayed out when you export is expected. May I ask what dates are getting assigned since it isn't preserving the old ones? I'm having the same issue. The Export had Preserved Updeated Date checked but when imported the updated date changes to "1 minute ago".
  9. This thread was not about unsupported formatting causing crashes; it was about data LOSS when editing unsupported formatting notes on the Android client. That issue was fixed. I'd suggest starting another thread specific to your issue which is "Editing notes with Unsupported Formatting on Nexus 7 causes crash." That way you'll get more feedback and others with the same issue will find the thread more easily.
  10. This is great. Thanks! One questions though... Why change away from the standard keyboard shortcut combination? CtrlShft>/< is standard across other Windows apps. Ctrl+/- is more closely associated with zoom/unzoom.
  11. The fix works for me. Following the steps in the first thread no longer causes a problem. If anyone finds an error still ocuring let us know. Thanks!
  12. Good catch mrossk. I updated Step 3. I forgot to add the part where the user clicks the Edit Button. Yup. This is the exact bug I'm seeing. Thanks for verifying.
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