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  1. It appears the alternative sites listed do not work anymore: http://cilantro.io - server not foundhttp://www.blogwith.co - error message on loading​I see the $5/$50 option for pricing and link to drop back to free for 1 blog to try things out.
  2. I downloaded version "Evernote_4.0.0.2880.exe" today and the clipper installed in Outlook 2010 still crashes Outlook 2010 on start-up. Rebooted multiple times and only solution to run Outlook was to remove Evernote, run Outlook, install Evernote while Outlook was running. Open Outlook options and make the Evernote Add In inactive. This same bug was present in the version of Evernote 4.0 I downloaded on Tuesday too. I'm on a Windows XP, SP3 system with latest MS patches/updates
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