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  1. YES!!!! Thank you! And what a nice improvement! So much faster and more convenient than having to wait for Evernote to load when you're trying to quickly clip something and Evernote doesn't happen to already be open. Good job!
  2. Any time I try to print part of a web page that I have saved into evernote, it's impossible to get any kind of normal layout. Instead, it prints as if it's been enlarged or zoomed on the screen. I've noticed this many times in the past, but this morning I tried to print a SIMPLE RECIPE that I had stored in Evernote. It was originally clipped from allrecipes.com, and I saved that web page (as I always do) as a PDF (using the SHIFT+ELEPHANT on the toolbar command.) All I want now is a simple printout -- and Evernote won't do it. Instead, it's printing out a zoomed up portion of the page and I have no control over what part of the page it prints, what size paper I am printing to, or even the ability to just print a selection of text from the page. My only workaround is to go back to the original recipe page on allrecipes.com and print it out from there. I mean, come on. Really????
  3. Okay, now it's gone from just inconvenient to really terrible. I try to email a document I've just scanned and it tells me that it can't do it right away, not until the next sync. Then I go to sync, and upon completion of the sync, I get "The operation couldn't be completed. (Evernote Email Error error 4." I'm sorry, but this is just not okay. I can't believe that with all the things this program does, it can't just let me send an email from my OWN email program, or drag a PDF out of the notebook and into an outgoing email message. Do I really have to go back to DevonThink (a program I find overly complicated) just to do something so SIMPLE? And on the rare occasion that the "email" function from within Evernote actually works, there is NO record that I can see as to whether it sends the email or not. This is BAD BAD BAD BAD BAD. Beyond lame. I'm incredibly frustrated.
  4. Hmmm... not to belabor the point (but obviously I am!) but.... I don't know a single person that owns a Mac who doesn't use the Mac Mail app. (Again, I'm not even hell-bent on MacMail integration -- I wouldn't necessarily mind the "evernote has to email the document" part of it if i could have some kind of record showing it has been sent, or if there were just an easy/simple way to pull a copy of a PDF out of evernote so that I can email it myself directly. I don't see it as an export option. And I can't seem to drag any of the documents within evernote to my desktop. (even as copies.) Is there a way to do this? because what i've been doing is emailing it to myself via evernote, which gives me an incoming email with the pdf attached, and then i can do what i want with it. it just seems kind of tedious...
  5. Dave - Thanks for your reply. I respect your position "many people don't use Mac Mail at all" but I have to say I find it hard to believe. If you are on a Mac platform, doesn't it seem that most people on a Mac would use the email program that comes built into the Mac OS? And even assuming a lot of people use a web-based browser, it STILL would not be easy to track emails sent through Evernote, because I sure as hell can't find any of the ones I sent, nor do I get any obvious confirmation (either by the program or in any sort of "sent" folder or report by the software) that they were actually sent. Honestly, I don't much care about Evernote having ANY kind of email functionality, as I don't use it as an email program. What what I do want and NEED is to be able to send copies of PDFs (often forms, received mail, other important documents) to someone as attachments using an email client (or even a web based email) -- and I don't see a way to do that. (Unless I'm being an idiot and missing something, which is entirely possible.) Why can't I just drag a PDF out of evernote and into an outgoing email? I needed to send documents and receipts to my accountant yesterday and the only way I could figure out to do so was to use Evernote itself to send the mail, which I hate for the reasons mentioned above...
  6. Am I missing something? I just switched from DevonThink (bloated, annoying interface) to Evernote and I'm thrilled -- except for the email functionality. I need to occassionally email PDFs in my Evernote database, but t seems the only option is to email from within the program. And then I can never tell if it is even sent unless I send a copy to myself, because there doesn't seem to be any record of mail sent from within Evernote. I've tried just dragging a PDF into an outgoing Mac OS Mail message but it won't let me do it. Why are we forced into using Evernote's internal email to send PDFs that are in our database? Why can't it just hook into Mac Mail? Love, love, love the program -- but hate, hate hate this liability. Is there a workaround? Something I'm not understanding?
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