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  1. Adding my name to this request. I've tried several apps from the trunk and none of them suffice for a good old handwritten note. While you are at it how about adding the ability to hand notate existing EN notes. See MS OneNote for requested ability. I've used a Toshiba Tablet for years with OneNote but it is like carrying around a cinderblock compared to the iPad.
  2. Evernote, Are you EVER going to address this?
  3. Dave, How would I get the beta? The only thing I can find to download is version 1.3, the existing version that I have on my Moto Droid. I have an email from Larry at Evernote support dated 2/26 where he said "The engineers think they may know what is happening and hope the next release will solve the problem. " I don't know whether the beta version that you refer to addresses this issue. If it doesn't, there is no reason for me to update. The other issue that I bring up is the inability to see my notes when I am not connected to the internet in a reliable, speedy fashion. I was on a cruise and the wifi on the ship reminded me of the Comcast Slowskis! Accessing the notes, even in the best of situations, is slow but when you compound it with the satellite access that the ship had it became inaccessible. I tried viewing even small notes but the access time was terrible. And since I was paying $0.55 per minute I decided it was not in my best interest to continue.
  4. Getting tired of waiting for the developers of Evernote to respond to this problem. I have emails from them that they think they know what the problem is but no timeline for resolution. Also getting tired of being told that since I'm not a premium customer my emails and requests for resolution go to the bottom of the pile for resolution. Don't they know that I (and any other non-premium users) will never become paying customers if they can't fix a bug in a resonable time. Why would I pay for such 'service'? I reported this problem almost 2 months ago and have continued to provide evernote with testing results. But it takes >1 week for support to get back to me via email. Am actively looking for a better solution to get information on my Moto Droid. This looks like a good product but support for bugs is non-existent and not having the ability to view data when not connected to the web does not work for me. I was just in the Caribbean for 10 days and did not have access to ANY of my data in Evernote. This is not acceptable.
  5. OK Here's more information. The 2 files attached are identical EXCEPT one was saved from the web (IE8) and the other was saved to OneNote (2007) and then imported to Evernote. The one that was imported from OneNote shows the images in the note content. The one that was saved directly from the web does not. This should give you enough information to diagnose the problem and hopefully resolve the issue. I would hate to have to save everything from the web to OneNote and then import it into Evernote. Well, I would have attached the files but 'the extension enex is not allowed'. This is how Evernote saved the file! You can email me and I will send the files to you. I have sent this same message (with the files attached) to Evernote support but am receiving no response from them. This seems like an easy fix.....something is not getting carried over when it is saved directly from the web.
  6. Photos work....It is notes that have images as part of the note that do not work. It does not seem to be dependent on the size of the note either. Nor does it have to do with whether the image is a jpg, gif, etc. Some images show and some do not. I have one note that a jpg that I copied from the web that is 11.3kb and it does not show in the note. It is ok on the PC, on the iPod Touch, and in the thumbnail on the droid but not in the note content on the droid.
  7. Does anyone out there have a Motorola Droid with this problem? It may be a setting on my device. Trying to narrow this problem down because it is vital for my use of Evernote.
  8. Agree,,,alpha sort is mandatory for productivity.....if I remembered when I updated or created a note I would have such a memory that I wouldn't need Evernote,
  9. Just want to add my request for a 'favorites' to be stored off line. My provider will not always be available and WiFi is questionable...so make it like the iPhone iPod Touch app and just do a favorites. I have lots of stuff in Evernote and do not want to keep it all always available - storage is limited.
  10. Any ideas on what is happening here? The images do not show up in the note, only in the thumbnail.
  11. Nope, no change when syncing w VZW. Images show in thumbs but not in content.
  12. Thanks for the quick reply. After sign out, sign in the images show in the thumbnails but not in the content. I have only tried syncing w WiFi. Will try again w VZW but if they show in the thumbnails don't expect VZW to make any difference but will try per your suggestion.
  13. I have several notes with images on my Evernote for Windows. When I sync them with my Droid the images do not show. When I sync them with my iPod Touch the show. Some of the notes were converted from OneNote 2007 and some directly downloaded from the web. It doesn't seem to make any difference. Is there a setting that I am missing on the Droid or is it a problem with the Droid?
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