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  1. I think many legacy users, like me, are inching closer to jumping off the EN platform. The value proposition gets weaker every day as competition sharpens and the EN team squanders scarce resources on window dressing like the recent "brand refresh." Evidently (AFAIK they haven't evenly publicly acknowledged this particular feature request, never mind act on it) management has decided to disconnect the user base from the dev team...never a wise decision IMO.
  2. @DTLowNo doubt you are trying to be helpful, but you risk coming across like a shill for Evernote. To be clear, all the solutions presented here to date, including your !Archive tag are workarounds: they are NOT functionally equivalent to a true archiving feature. Cheers, D
  3. Sorry, but in support of @tacobravo etc.al., I need to remind you (inter alia) that "workaround" does not equal "solution!"
  4. I think it's fairly clear that despite the workarounds proposed, the use case for Archived notes is rock-solid. Don't workarounds generally suck, and annoy the user each time he/she uses one? The primary benefit of the feature (for this user anyway) would be a less cluttered default view, but faster search (assuming default search would exclude Archived notes) would be a collateral benefit. Another (obvious) use case: if one used Evernote to satisfy IRS requirements for document retention, you simply want such stuff stored securely, but you don't want or need to see it...hopefully ever!
  5. As a new user, i too am utterly befuddled by the lack of subfolders. You have expressed the usefulness of hierarchical folders very well, and this oversight (though since EN has evidently been aware of the shortcoming for a while, it might be more accurately described as willful blindness to customers' needs) may be a dealbreaker for me. i can't imagine subfolders represent much of a hurdle technically for EN, and those that insist on a flat structure can simply not use a subfolder feature and live happily ever after. In that light, it would seem some explananation by EN would be in order...
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