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  1. Using Evernote intensively on my iPhone, iPad and Chromebook, Imiss the following functions: - adjust "creation date" & "adjusted date" - merge selected notes I use these quite frequently - then I need to switch on my Windows laptop, as the Windows client does deliver these features.hen I scan in documents, I always adjust the creation date to the formal date on the document (NOT the date I added the note...) When are these features scheduled for Web client and/or iOS clients?
  2. Still missing being able to edit "creation date" and "modification date" on iOS. Now I have to additionally use the Windows Client to do this. I regularly add documents to Evernote some days later than the date shown on the document itself. I then manually change the "creation date" to the "document date". This way, the relevant creation dates are fully in sync with the document dates. Should be rather easy to add this function. Any plans on adding this basic feature? I saw earlier requests
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