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  1. So I only found this thread because I am SO DONE with Evernote that I am trying to export my notes to OneNote so I can cancel my subscription. How fitting that I am unable to use the import feature because my notes aren't properly synced, and I can't manually sync from my Mac! FFS Evernote. I was just trialling OneNote initially, but this has me committed to cancelling Evernote. They just don't listen to users.
  2. So I actually contacted support about this, and credit to the guy who answered me, he said he wanted this feature too! But he said he wasn’t aware of any plans to implement it. I asked for the feedback to be submitted up the chain, but clearly they don’t listen, so I’m sadly ready to move on. MS OneNote looks pretty good from my initial search. Anyone have any thoughts? I’m a Mac user if it makes a difference. Though I guess the people who’ve moved on and found a suitable competitor don’t hang out here anymore! I also looked for ian small’s email address. From his YouTube v
  3. Yet another use here with the same old story - been using Evernote since 2009 (yikes I'm old), paid subscription since 2015. I have wanted the ability to chose the thumbnail since I put my first note in Evernote. If I'd known then that they didn't listen to their users I would have saved myself a lot of money and frustration in the intervening years by choosing a different programme. But like many, I know have a severe case of inertia, because I have so many notes and notebooks. I really don't want to leave Evernote. Ian Small gave me so much hope with his video updates, and admitting th
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