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  1. Email, IM, Scheduling, Google Voice, and Joomla: OK, I have been using Evernote for about a week and a half now and I love it. So much so that I've gone ahead and signed up for the Developer API so I can make some changes for myself. The question I have is if others are interested enough in them that I should make them more...."open"... Since one of the things you would have to do is authorize my programs from my server to access your account[and also I am /assuming/ Premium accounts for some things. Functions I need short term: Expanding email to evernote functionality so that: A) Markdown is supported, notes sent to evernote will be formatted according to the rules of PHP Markdown Extra....bearing in mind the limitations on HTML in evernote. http://michelf.com/projects/php-markdown/extra/ Adding a tag function to Thunderbird so I can add tags to the email header and have them show up C) Expanding that tag function so I can also include those tags in the body of the email when using my cell phone in some manner D) Allowing for the ability to specify which notebook to place a note in Note, this means instead of email to your evernote address, the email gets sent to my server and it will then post via the Evernote API Scheduling: I want to create one or more notebooks to keep my todos and such in evernote. The basic concept is that they will be stored in ICAL format and sent over to a Google Calendar, as well, the item is reformatted to include all the scheduling info and such as a text note to be stored in Evernote, with an XML file attachment[hence the premium account to store the XML file]. Ideally, there would be 3 way sync so changes made in evernote would be updated the other 2 systems, and all the way around. Limitations will likely be that you can change the time/date/etc in Google and on the website, but not evernote[since that is in ical], you can change the general notes about the task in Evernote and my site, but not Google[as it would be a file attachment on google], while everything can be changed on my site. My initial pass will loosely follow the GTD structure for organizing tasks. Loosely as I only know what I read online. In that way, you can have multiple notebooks in evernote assigned to different categories on my site and assigned to different Google calendars. [so Projects, Troubleshooting, Research, Kids, and Myself might be 5 categories on my website. Projects, Troubleshooting, and Research all get placed on the "Work" Google Calendar, while Kids and Myself get placed on my "Family" Google Calendar. While in evernote, 5 notebooks. Todays Punchlist, Weekly Punchlist, Monthly Punchlist, Yearly Goals, and Someday Notes from all 5 categories become tags in those notebooks, and are placed in the notebook based on a combination of due date and priority. So I might NEED to go grocery shopping and it should be today, but even though I've noted a due date of today on it, I can set a priority of "not important" and it will be bumped to the Weekly list.] IM integration of course means that I can query my AIM bot for some basic info from from the notes. Google Voice to let me route ALL my calls to Google voice and periodically pick up the data from there and place it in notes[yes, I CAN email it to Evernote, but then it goes into the default notebook...and I don't really like the formatting on the email. I want both the text and the MP3 IN evernote, not a link to the mp3 recording. That way if I sync my Android phone I can listen to the voicemail even if I go out of range. Finally, Joomla integration. All of the above will use Joomla as a central hub.... at the same time, I like the idea of being able to jot notes and research into Evernote, make a first pass on writing up an article there, and then by either tagging it or using a special notebook, have my Joomla website automatically import and publish it[and if I make changes in the Joomla side, save them back to Evernote in some fashion] The real question is.... do I do this just for myself... in which case I can hack a bunch of fast, messy code together and be done with it. Or are there others who would want to use it enough to actually go to yet ANOTHER website on a daily basis to make some updates and such when need be? It's one or the other, once I write it, I'm not going to rewrite it. I'm moving on. So if your interested, let me know! And as I posted this... I went and copied and pasted it so I would remember my thoughts into....you guessed it, Evernote! So, add one more integration: for forums *I* use, like PHPBB here, add the ability to save my userid and password on my own site, and then have a notebook for forum posts. Tag the post with the forum names, and have it automatically post the note to the forum for me!
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