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  1. Exactly! So to clarify, Evernote Team, it would be SO wonderful if you could apply these two features: Chronological Sort (and toggle ascending or descending) Auto-Set Reminders To checklists within a note - a one-click button - something fast, user-friendly and easily accessible for a casual Evernote user like myself! 😊 Thank you for reading! ~Astraea
  2. Thanks for the reply! Ideally I would like this feature to be available across all platforms since I use Evernote on my PC, Mac, iPad and Android. I'm particularly talking about a To Do list using checkboxes in a normal note like in my screenshot attached. Again, it would recognize different time formats: 8pm is the same as 8 pm or 8:00pm, for instance. Also, you can click a separate button to Auto Set Reminders - which will send a reminder at 7am, 10:30am and 8pm respectively--without coding of course! (This is for the casual users like me.)
  3. Hi Evernote Team! First I wanted to say, THANK YOU so much for all the new features you've been implementing on your preview/Beta platforms, it's SUPER EXCITING!! So here is an idea for a feature I would love to have on the next version! Ability to Sort a List by Chronological Order - I organize my schedule of To Do lists by dates and times; would be nice if you could click a "chronological sort" button and it will reorganize that list from earliest to latest time. It will also recognize times in multiple (4:30pm, 430pm, 430PM, etc) formats and will allow you to easily set alarms and reminders based on this schedule without having to manually enter a new alarm. Thank you for reading! Astraea
  4. Hi Evernote Team! Originally I had these ideas consolidated into one post but a user suggested I post individually to welcome discussion. Here is an idea for features I would love to have on the next version: ALL Notes, Even Erased Notes, Will Be Saved in Archive UNTIL Manually Deleted - would LOVE to have this. To clarify, "Even Erased Notes" does not just mean DELETED notes, because we already have the ability to go into the trash and fish out accidentally deleted notes. What I mean is, similar to iOS Time Machine or Google Doc's ability to track/compare every edit made, Evernote could be saving notes every second or minute (user can customize), and even if the entire text was deleted - Evernote will SAVE every state to a temporary archive. Isay temporary because you should be able to manually empty this cache to save on data/memory, as I'm sure this will eat up a LOT of it. User should be able to be set how often the Archive auto-clears. Say you were writing one late night and fell asleep with your phone, and in your half-awake state accidentally deleted everything you typed and it was a blank note that you backed out of. You wake up next morning to find the note doesn't exist. You can't use the Undo feature and you can't find it in the Trash. Was it just a fever dream? Thank you for reading! Astraea
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