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  1. In EN 3.5 at least (I didn't see any early versions) there is an indication that processing has been completed or is still yet to be done. It can be revealed by pressing F8 either in an open note or in the preview pane.
  2. That works for me too on Orange in the UK, but it seems to cost more to do that. I see my phone open an internet connection when it does that, which doesn't happen if I do a text to a normal text number.
  3. +1. When you have downloaded the Mac software and installed it, enter you account details into the Macc evernote program (not the Evernote web site) and then synch it and it will retrieve your on-line notes.
  4. @BurgersNFries: You get the creation and updated dates in the List View, or do you mean something different?
  5. Ah, that makes more sense. Yes, upgrade - 3.5 has a multitude of enhancements and improvements over 3.1, IMHO.
  6. I'm not sure what tabs you mean. Are you saying that you don't see the File, Edit, View etc menu options on the main toolbar?
  7. You can access your local notes without an internet connection. But new images don't go through the text recognition software until you've synched through an internet connection. But you can do all of the clipping and adding notes activities, and then synch when you're able/ready.
  8. I'm looking at ways to be as paperless at home as possible. I'm considering things like scanning and adding to Evernote my bank statements, utility bills and so forth and then shredding them. I know I can store them locally in a non-synchronised Notebook, but really I'd want the Notebook to be synchronised so that the notes get OCR'd and then I can search them. But I must admit I am a little wary (to put it mildly) about putting sensitive personal documents on the remote storage. Hence my question: how secure is the remote storage?
  9. Looking at the Mono roadmap, they don't have .NET 3.5 compatibility quite yet: Mono Roadmap.
  10. If you create a Twitter acount, associate your mobile phone with that, and then follow 'myen' on Twitter and follow the instructions on the myen profile page, you'll be able to send texts to Twitter as normal, but texts to Twitter that start with @myen will go to Twitter and go to your Evernote account too. I set it up last night in less than 10 minutes.
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