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  1. For anyone struggling with the Windows version: View > Tools > Customise option and drag the elephant icon to the toolbar. It doesn't appear there automatically.
  2. I'm not sure why you're uploading everything in your My Documents folder. If it is to make a cloud-based backup, there are other (backup specific) options than Evernote that might be better for you. If you don't download it locally to an Evernote application you lose a lot of the functionality and benefit of using EN in the first place. If you give us more detail in what you are trying to achieve we might be able to come up with a few ideas.
  3. +1. It's not in the cloud, but FreeMind is free, and it is Java based. I have used it on Windows and Linux, it should run on Mac. I doubt it'll run on the iPhone though.
  4. Desktop apps have more integration with your OS for getting stuff into EN: hot keys and screen clippers, and so forth.
  5. Well (and I'm not wanting to trivialize anything) in my case the answer is 'no'; and I have a whole range of tin-foil bonnets, which get changed according to mood and season and the vagaries of fashion.
  6. I'm not seeing any issues with Clipper version and Firefox 3.6.3 on Windows. Perhaps you could try these versions?
  7. Don't know if it is the same on the Mac, but in Windows once you've loaded the add-on you have to go to the View > Tools > Customise option and drag the elephant icon to the toolbar. It doesn't appear there automatically.
  8. That won't give him the auto-start functionality he wants when his PC boots though...
  9. Donwload and install the application, start it up, then go to Tools > Options > General tab and select the 'Launch Evernote at startup' check box.
  10. It depends on the 1) PDF viewer and 2) what settings you choose when ytou create the PDF. For a standard non-protected PDF I've used the free (and brilliant) PDF viewer called PDF-Xchange which allows you copy text out of the PDF, to annotate the PDF, etc. etc. Copying the cde into the note together with the PDF would work too.
  11. Just had another thought - if you are using Windows you would install a PDF printer driver like the free version of PrimoPDF. This will appear on your machine as though it was a physical printer. Print from Notepad++ to that and it willcreate a PDF, which will contain your beautified and coloured source code. Import the PDF to Evernote.
  12. I think you might have a problem with the colour. In my experience these 'beautifiers' or 'pretty printers' will indent the code, align brackets etc, in the code, directly affecting the text file. All they are adding is whitespace. However, the colour is not 'fixed' in the text file itself, it is created on-the-fly by the display element of the 'pretty printer' when the code is displayed on the screen. It cannot embed anything like a control code or a font colour change into your source code, because that would introduce erroneus characters into your file. Therefore, copying the text only copies the text - not the colour.
  13. In line with the above, one way round it might be to allow the user to choose what PDF reader he wants to use, and to use the in-built one by default?
  14. Apart from seting your camera to a lower resolution, I can't think of a way round it. I considered Eye-fi, but for me it wasn't worth it. I don't want everything sent to Evernote - I often take several photos of each item and discard the and keep the best. Bombarding evernote with my poorly composed shots and having to wee them out in Evernote didn't appeal. I'll stick to weeding them out at home, and then throwing the ones I want to go to Evernote into my auto-import folder.
  15. Receipts = Notebook (and tag, in case I move them by mistake to another notebook). Business Card = Tag (I don't do Whiteboard snaps.)
  16. As I understand it, once a document has been OCR'd, the extracted index data is sent back to your local app during some future Synch action. Even if the OCR function in the EN servers was down, I don't see how it could affect the searching of your already indexed documents.
  17. Actually, I think there might be a bug. If EN is open but minimized to the taskbar, nothing happens. If EN is open and only showing as an icon in the system tray (near the clock) then EN is opened and the previous search is cleared. I would expect that to have happened when it was minimized to the taskbar, too.
  18. Yes, you have to be in EN. What it does for me (on XP and Also on Windows 7) is to come out of whatever notebook I'm in, removes any tag searches and/or other search clues and takes me to the all notes view, ready to start a new search.
  19. As an aside, my mobile phone (Orange) lets me SMS to an email address, too.
  20. You can use it with Linux through Firefox, of course.
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