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  1. Just listing some of the 1001 things you are going to use it for would be helpful/interesting.
  2. Even without OCR you can still use tags and thoughtful Note Titles to make searching easier.
  3. i think you might need to open a support inquiry atthe bottom of this page: Evernote Support.
  4. +1. Great idea. (And I particulary like the way it wasn't followed by 'and then I would definitely become a premium subscriber....')
  5. I just tried again. I usually have it going straight to my local client but I changed it so it went to my web account. Worked in both cases. Perhaps you have a conflict with another FF add-on? Has it ever worked for you?
  6. Strange, I use the exact same clipper in FF 3.6.6. Perhaps you could try removing the add-on and re-installing it?
  7. OK, plain English: You can't. You can encrypt notes, but not notebooks.
  8. Don't even know where to begin with that one - sense of humour by-pass in operation somewhere.
  9. And here's my suggestion: Kandula from Wikipedia: (Mainly because I like the bit that says 'The king and his elephant grew up together'. I think that neatly fits with Evernote.)
  10. Now, that's not a bad idea. You could pay the monthly fee again ($5 isn't going to break the bank) to un-restrict you for the rest of the current calendar month, if you've already used your monthly quote. That way you can consider whether you are close enough to the end of the month to wait, or whether it would be better for you to pay again for the remainder of the current month.
  11. You know, like the Linux penquin is called Tux, and the BSD daemon is called Beastie. Or should we start a competition to name it/him/her?
  12. Note that it depends on which PDF reader you are using as to whether you can copy a line of text or not (and the security settings of the PDF of course). Here's a clip from the Evernote PDF: I use the fantastic and free PDF-Xchange viewer, which also lets you annotate PDFs.
  13. The process requires at least two synchronisation actions. One to send the files and images to the server, and the other to retrieve the indexing and OCR information to your desktop client so that your client can search using that data. Of course, the EN servers have to have performed their OCR and indexing functions between those two synchs taking place. You can reduce the overall time taken by manually synching once you have added the files. then waiting a period of time and re-synching manually once more. by default I think the desktop synchs one per hour, so left to its own devices you might have to wait almost two hours before the two synchs have taken place.
  14. I can on my iPod Touch. (As long as you have set the notebook that the note is in to be an offline folder, of course.)
  15. That's the crucial bit. The Checkbox has to be created in an EN note - not in a document that is then put into EN. (I just started using Egretlist, and already love it.)
  16. Hmm - in Windows I just carried out a test. I searched for important and found a load of notes. I saw that in one of them there was the text important event. I then searched for event and found another load of notes. I then searched for "important event" with the double quotes and it found that one note for me with the phrase highlighted. (I don't have a Mac to test with, sorry.)
  17. Scan them with the scanner and scanner software, and then move your scans to an import folder if you have any setup, or drag them into Evernote. When they are Synch'd to the evernote servers, the server software performs the OCR and creates the search capability, and that searchable index/data is then sent back to your PC so that you can search within Evernote for strings within the scans. There is a time lag between your scans (or in fact any others images) being Synch'd and the OCR occuring, so you have to wait a while and then re-synch to get the data back to your PC so that the search is possible.
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