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  1. Another point is that there is no revenue attached to the EN clients. They are given away free. The whole idea of the free client is to encourage users to try EN. hopefully they get to use En a lot and come to see value in it, and then become premium subscribers. Why would EN care what client you used?
  2. Because the uploaded files are on the En servers, local backups are perhaps less of a necessity than usual. However, you can also set notebooks to be local only and not synched, so they need to be backed up somehow too, so I periodically copy the EN database folder to an external drive. I have a set of external drives that I use in rotation. (Tools > options > General Tab wil tellyou where your EN database is located.)
  3. Egretlist is a 3rd party app (for less than 2 UK pounds) that scans your Evernote notes / notebooks and finds the notes with checkboxes in and makes lists out of them. It also allows you to make your own lists and then send them to Evernote. And a lot more. I think it is brilliant. Takes a little bit of getting used to - but I can't do without it now.
  4. I bow in your shadow ! It was probably the most phenomenal live show I ever saw, and at the the same time the one with the least (as in none) gimmicks or special effects. Hell, there wasn't even a support act! He came on and did the first half of the show then June Carter did a selection of Carter family songs while he took a breather and then he came back on and did the second half of the show. He tore the place down. If I live another 50 years, that night will never leave me.
  5. But it looks like Gurkha has seen "The Man In Black." I'm jealous!! I did - I saw him in Sheffield, England on one of his tours to the UK - many years ago.
  6. Ahhh...I didn't read this correctly & thought you were saying your birthday was also 9/30. SO....HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Thanks.
  7. Well, happy birthday for the 30th, anyway. (It's my birthday today, by coincidence.)
  8. The export can be opened in a good text editor like a programmer's editor (I use UltraEdit). That editor allows me to use regex-based search and replace and macros etc within it, so you could perhaps automate the process of re-tagging that way, and then do the re-import.
  9. How about this un-proven theoretical way of doing it: If you highlight all of your notes, go to File, Export you can export all of your notes. There is a check-box option to include tags or not. If you export without tags the tags won't be included. Delete all of your notes. Do a synch so they are also deleted from the EN cloud. Import from your export (File, Import) and then synch again to put them into the EN cloud. Then go through and re-tag. Before you do anything, backup your existing database first. Twice.
  10. Nothing that i know of - AFAIK you have to live with the auto-thumbnailing.
  11. The short answer is to create note for each scan in the Evernote client and then hit the Synch button. Slightly longer answer: as noted above you can drag files and images (such as scans) directly into EN to create new notes. You can set EN to monitor folders and auto-import anything from that folder into notes. One way or another you can create notes of your scans. Then hit the Synch button and they will be uploaded to the EN servers. (You can have more than one import folder by the way.)
  12. It isn't an ehancement to the web clipper, it is a new development altogether. It is a tool to be embedded into web sites. As I see it (** personal and possibly partly-crazed opinion warning **) rather than being a tool for the average EN user to use as an add-on for their browser like the current clippers are, it is a means for site owners to provide some local EN capability to visitors who come to their site. This spreads the word about EN and gets tie-in from other outside parties (web site owners and publishers) in a similar fashion to getting tie-in from Trunk partners. As well as building the EN application and clippers in all of their varieties and platforms, EN have to devote time and effort to promotion and to activities that are designed to help and further the EN business model. This would be one of those activities, which are obviously as vital as the 'make/fix software for EN users' activities.
  13. Click on the white x in the grey circle at the far right of the search field. Or is that what you mean by 'reset'? Edit: seems to work for me - it clears the search and leaves the notebook selection.
  14. It depends on the size of the queue of images waiting to be processed in the EN servers. Sometimes as a premium user I have to wait for a little while, but it usually isn't a problem. Searching for text in notes you've only just added isn't a use case I have ever found myself needing. You can sort your notes by creation date, modification date etc to see the recent notes.
  15. If I were you I'd edit the originl post and remove your email, otherwise it will be harvested by spam-bots. (Generally it is inadvisable to put your email in a public forum.)
  16. I don't see tags or keyword searches as mutually exclusively. You can search by tag, by keyword (note content) or both at once.
  17. How are you clipping the web page? Does it happen to every page you try to clip? I use Firefox with the EN add-on, and I don't see this issue. Some web pages do have peculiar HTML formatting in them though.
  18. I was para-phrasing what I heard in a recent podcast, that currently the iPhone mobile app is the best EN mobile app experience at the moment but that was goingt o change, they said they were going to bring the other mobile experiences as close to that standard as they can, the different platforms and screen sizes and processing powers etc. notwithstanding.
  19. I don't have a Palm Pre, but on the iPhone there is an option to have local folders. This means that when it synchs it copies your note to your device, that way you don't need any connectivity to view them on the device. Also, if you add to or change the notes on the device when you next synch the notes inthe cloud are updated. Not all mobile versions of EN are the same at the moment, but they are working on getting them all to be of equal capability/functionality. If this feature isn't int he Palm pre i would expect it to appear soon.
  20. Ok, so I checked and my scanner is a HP ScanJet G2710, and in the UK it can be obtained for as little as £41.
  21. What it detects (I think) are the edges of the bits of paper. Actually, I can do it manually as well without cutting the paper. The scanner scans the whole page and then shows a preview image of it. The software shows what it is going to take from that image (usually the whole page but if it is a page with not much on it, the software usually detects that fact and reduces the area it will offer to capture). In the image preview the area to be rendered delivered as an image is highlighted with a dashed line and drag handles. I can re-size that area and I can also drag drag it to a different region on the image. I can also then insert a new selection and drag a new selection box over another area of the page, so that I now have 2 areas that will rendered as different images onto my PC. I can keep going and add as many selections as I wanted. Each area is rendered as a different scanned image. I'm at work now but when I get home I'll re-post with the model number of the scanner.
  22. Well, you could use a guillotine or scissors to physically detatch them and then scan them in. Even my cheap HP scanner allows you to place a bunch of different items on the plate and it scans them in as different jpgs. Then I throw them into an import Folder. They go into EN as seperate notes.
  23. Out of interest, Is that the case for premium users too?
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