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  1. The text recognition happens in the cloud, so the new note has to be titled New Note because your EN Client can't perform the OCR type of actions that take place inthe EN servers. Without that capability of course, the Client has to default to New Note. You have to synch to the servers, wait for the OCR action to take place and then re-synch again. The time it takes to have the OCR data sent back to your client depends on the size of the image queue and whether you are a free or premium user (premium users are handled in preference to the free users. As there have been issues over the last couple of days for a lot of folk synching to the servers, there may well be more of a delay than usual right now. Remember too, if your handwriting is just too poorly formed ('sloppy' as you put it) then the note might be unintelligible even to the pretty amazing EN OCR software. (actually it isn't OCR like you might understand OCR. The EN server software builds a tree of the possibilities for each word, and then that data is sent back to your client and associated with the note. This means that if it isn't sure whether you wrote herring or hemming, both of those possibilites are associated with the note. That means you'd find the note by searching for either herring or hemming.)
  2. Free users are always treated after premium users. the Evernote servers have been having a hard time synching recently (see other thread Information about networking problems) so I'm not surprised you haven't had a result yet.
  3. Fully understood. (I think with hindsight I should have prefaced my original post with '@swa'.)
  4. Thanks for the update Dave. I'm a premium user too, but wouldn't expect nor condone a two-tiered system of access to Evernote. The two-tiered aspect of free/premium in bandwidth allowances, file types allowed and the priority of text recognition in images is more than enough to differentiate between free and premium. IMHO free users not always having access is a false economy. We all depend on the growth and success of Evernote so that Evernote continues to exist and develop in the future. The growth of Evernote depends on the use it for free, upgrade when you want model. Not allowing continuous access to free users would cripple that model.
  5. Hope 2011 is everything you could wish for.
  6. Which is exactly what I took away from the podcast.
  7. I've been using it 'seriously' for a year, 7,400 notes. (That's peanuts compared to some.)
  8. Why not have a single account? That way you can synch it across all devices and both of you can access it and edit it. Edit: You'd have to watch out for simultaeneous changes and synchs though. Might not be a good idea after all.
  9. It's all down to what you're used to I guess. I suspect they'd be horrified if i put a plate of mushy peas in front of them.
  10. IMHO 3 good reasons to keep it out of a restaurant!
  11. You might be making this more complicated than it need to be. Just scan to an image, and put the image into EN. Any old scanner can do that. I scan away, and then copy the scans into my EN import folder and that's that. EN picks them up automatically.
  12. I don't tag things as to whether they are scanned or not - I tag them purely for type of document or content etc. I'm not interested in the origin of the note. And I give each note a meaningful title too.
  13. That's the behaviour I see. You can sort the list by title, date updated, date created etc. Then when you merge teh order of the original notes in the final note are the same order as they appear in the list when you click Merge.
  14. Not sure I follow you. If you have an internet connection all you need to do is clip the emails to the EN servers and when you have finished all of your clipping synch to your desktop EN software. (It's when you don't have an internet connection that the workflow is broken.)
  15. It's by design. (I raised a ticket on it and that was the response I got. This has changed one of my workflows, because I often go through my email off-line and want to put some of them into Evernote. Now I can only send emails to Evernote when I have an internet connection.)
  16. Do you mean a clipper for Thunderbird? If so, in Thunderbird go to Tools > Add-Ons > Get Add-Ons > and enter evernote in the search field and click the magnifying glass icon. that'll find the Evernote add-on for Thunderbird.
  17. I believe the latest version of EN can import from OneNote. So if those applications can export to that form at I would expect them to be able to be imported to EN 4.0.
  18. Nothing appalling about! I do it all the time. I forward emails to EN whenever there is something I wan to make sure I have a copy of, even if my PC explodes, my backup external hard disks are stolen and the house burns down. But I leave them in the email program too - so it doesn't have any negative impact on me replying to them or whatever. As well as having a permanent, saffe, indexed storage of my emails, I can also to this: - When I just need to refer to them it is always faster to find them in EN than in the email client. - When I need to reply to them it is usually faster to find them in EN and then pull some unique string from them and to use that as a search clue in the email client, meaning I find the email I'm after very quickly.
  19. Awesome news. (When you want to hire a UK based EN advocate / software tester / anything guy, let me know.)
  20. Not unless you have also tagged them as Finance. This scheme might seem a little odd at first, but the flip-side is you can use sub-tags in association with any other tags, at any higher or lower level. This provides for a huge amount of flexibility.
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