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  1. We have a great feature that let's you send email into your evernote account.

    Described here in detail:

    https://support.evernote.com/link/porta ... sing-email

    That 'great feature' means the subject of every email sent to EN is changed to have Fwd: added to the start of it, and the email body starts with all the usual header stuff that gets put at the start of a forwarded message: 'on such and such a date so and so wrote' etc. It doesn't send the email as is, which the clipper did. This is a loss of functionality and a change to work flow. There are other methods of getting mail into EN, of course there are, but none of them do what the clipper did. That's why the clipper existed. is it really a big development deal to make the Firefox clipper work in Thunderbird as well?

  2. It works in Thunderbird 3.1.11 too in Ubuntu, but there is an error message when you start Thunderbird. I think the add-on checks to see if the EN desktop client is installed, and in Linux of course, we don't have a desktop...

    But once you click past that it all works, so we're better off than we were.

  3. You can do it anyway you want.

    For me, lots of smaller notes works better than fewer larger ones. I used to have all sorts of notebooks, then threw them all away, put them into a single notebook and use tags on the notes to differentiate and categorize them. I also have an 'inbox' notebook for untagged, new notes.

  4. What it does is download the thumbnails and then it defaults to snippets view (which obviously uses the thumbnails).

    While viewing the notes list, go to Menu, Display options and select list view if you don't want the snippet view.

    EN doesn't actually download the note content unless you tell it to. When you go to view a note it downloads the content then and there. If you want to be able to browse the contents of your notes without an internet or 3G connection, you need to set offline folders. Menu, Settings, Select Offline Folders.

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