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  1. +1 for this suggestion. I just changed my account e-mail to my work e-mail so this would work. Most of my e-mailed notes are work related so that side of things will work fine. However, I don't like the idea of my account and billing e-mail being my work e-mail. The account doesn't belong to my employer, it belongs to me. I had a hard enough time getting those OneNoters to let me use Evernote on my Mac for client work - it's not worth trying to get them to buy me a separate account just so I can display my work e-mail address as the return. In fact, if for some weird technical reason it's too hard to have multiple e-mail accounts to choose from in sending a note, maybe at least you could have the billing e-mail be different from the e-mail displayed as the return address?
  2. Hello all, This seems like such a simple question, it probably has an obvious answer but it's eluding me so I thank you for any suggestions. I store detailed knitting patterns as pdf files in Evernote. Right now I print them when I start knitting so I can make handwritten notes as I work on my project. When I'm done with the project, I scan the marked up pattern and put it back into Evernote. I'd love to be able to skip the printing and scanning and instead make my notes right on the Evernote screen. Is there a way? Thanks, Jayne
  3. New to the forum - came here to find out if that fabulous wacom bamboo pad I just saw advertised would work with Evernote on a Mac. So disappointed. There are many people, myself included, who have different styles of thinking depending on what they're doing. For me, typing is for transcription - recording meeting notes, sending e-mail, documenting facts. It's fast and accurate but not expressive. Handwriting and sketching are appropriately slow and expresssive and work better for thinking and processing. Evernote would be an awesome and great leap forward in productivity if it had handwriting input capability because then it would truly be one-stop remembering. In fact, to engage in a stereotype, it seems to me that the people who would get the most use out of the handwriting feature are more usually MAC owners than PC owners :? hope the powers that be will reconsider...
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