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  1. Hi, as subject says, every time I open EN on Windows, a lot of tags are open. After the empth time I decided I have had enough lol as I have loads of tags organised. Is this a known problem?
  2. This is still an issue! Makes scrolling my notes impossible and frustration :*( I guess it has no votes so not a priority.
  3. Can't believe this hasn't been fixed. It renders Evernote on Mac basically useless. How on earth can you make a tag close when you open it anyway!!!!
  4. So I'm not alone and it looks like a bug! So what to do now??
  5. Its in the sidebar. I have attached 2 screenshots. evernote-1 is the initial structure and I proceed to open the tag Adobe Actionscript. The result is evernote-2 screenshot where the tag tree for Programming is closed. It happens when either all notes or a specific notebook is selected. Not sure what else to say. Cheers
  6. When trying to get to a nested tag, eventually it will close all/most open tags. Thus I cannot use this product on a Mac effectively. I restarted and updated the OS. Is this a known bug? I have version 7.0.2 and macOS 10.13.3 using MacBook Pro Mid 2014. Cheers for any help.
  7. I add a new note and save it but it doesn't appear. I have tried the old version of evernote web also and same issue. I am on Chrome using Xubuntu. Any solutions? I also tried Firefox.
  8. +1 what a joke! I need to tidy my tags now to actually use Evernote. Thankfully my premium sub expired Hoping they improve this area as I don't really see any alternatives...
  9. Hi, some network issues that I have had with Evernote. Am surprised how fragile Evernote is in terms of Network! 1. I had an internet connected to a router connected to another router and my computer was connected to the 2nd router. This setup didn't work for me so I had to get rid of the 2nd router. 2. I enabled TLS 1.1 and TLS 1.2 in IE advanced settings I thought they improved security. It just stops Evernote from syncing correctly. Just some feedback and my fixes...
  10. Evernote has the option to encrypt notes, doesn't it?
  11. Tags are not flat-list in the three Evernote clients that I use (Windows, Android, Web). Are they flat in Mac or iOS? Sorry, I didn't mean flat, just the unique named tag style.
  12. I don't like the flat-list style tags. I prefer an organisation akin to Onenote: Notebooks -> Sections -> Pages -> Sub-pages. Otherwise it becomes a mess once you reach critical-mass for number of notes.
  13. What do you people think of the Microsoft OneNote 2010 UI? I think it makes sense and is beautifully organised . I can see myself being more productive using OneNote than compared with Evernote. My Evernote, while it has grown, has become a tag soup which, while organised to some extent, is difficult to navigate around. I suspect the new UI will destroy all productivity if it ever comes to the Windows platform.
  14. Actually I still have this issue on my desktop! No clue as to how to fix this...
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