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  1. Anyone tried Trilium? Its a really good note taking app. I have been playing around with it but it does need setup as I installed it on my server. But, there are features missing compared to Evernote. I think its a given that there are no note apps that will match Evernote pre-v10. But its good enough! Check it out: https://github.com/zadam/trilium
  2. Hi, as subject says, every time I open EN on Windows, a lot of tags are open. After the empth time I decided I have had enough lol as I have loads of tags organised. Is this a known problem?
  3. This is still an issue! Makes scrolling my notes impossible and frustration :*( I guess it has no votes so not a priority.
  4. Can't believe this hasn't been fixed. It renders Evernote on Mac basically useless. How on earth can you make a tag close when you open it anyway!!!!
  5. Its in the sidebar. I have attached 2 screenshots. evernote-1 is the initial structure and I proceed to open the tag Adobe Actionscript. The result is evernote-2 screenshot where the tag tree for Programming is closed. It happens when either all notes or a specific notebook is selected. Not sure what else to say. Cheers
  6. When trying to get to a nested tag, eventually it will close all/most open tags. Thus I cannot use this product on a Mac effectively. I restarted and updated the OS. Is this a known bug? I have version 7.0.2 and macOS 10.13.3 using MacBook Pro Mid 2014. Cheers for any help.
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