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  1. 12 hours ago, PinkElephant said:

    On my side I am just waiting for a little more feedback about BigSur. Then I will make the switch over.

    I spend enough time with v10-issues in the last weeks. I will not make my decision of the OS I want to run dependent on any software. They perform, or they are doomed.

    P.S Tough talk 💪 - still have EN legacy on my Windows PC 🤓

    I tried Big Sur yesterday and for now i must say it looks nice and seams that Mac is working quicker. Also new redesigned email client is cool and must say apple notes look refreshed and kinda usable.


    3 hours ago, xmasmoneky said:


    The Evernote Team is not "out to get us".  Maintaining 6 unique native code bases (Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, Web, sync platform) is INCREDIBLY HARD.  Feature sets diverge between all platforms, angering users.  Pace of innovation slows, angering users.  Technical debt inevitably builds, but now you have 6 unique sources of varying technical debt.  As a result - bug fixing pace slows, angering users.  Meanwhile Evernote is a business, and it has to be sustainable.  Every company eventually reaches the "we have to make significant upgrades to our aging platform / approach if we're going to make it" phase.  Many companies throw in the towel at this point.  Evernote is fighting through this phase.  Hard choices will have to be made.  But I for one am glad they are fighting through this and trying to come out the other end.  

    Hard choices mean some features will get left behind.  I might love feature X - but if the data says it is not widely used, or it is too cost-prohibitive to include - Evernote might have to cut it.  I might hate that decision.  I might join the forums and try to rally support from fellow users to demonstrate to Evernote that the return on supporting the feature is worth the investment.  This new data may help Evernote prioritize the feature now or later down the road - or they might still have to cut it in the name of creating a long-term viable platform.  But if you think the people at Evernote are happy to reduce any features that users find helpful, then you need to think again.  No software developer wants to make software less useful for users.  But the entire company going out of business because the software was unsustainable helps no one.

    It bugs me when people on this forum ***** on the people of Evernote.  One can say "It is incredibly short-sighted to leave out feature X because of A, B, and C".  But saying things like "user-hostile behavior" and "shame on us" (as if the Evernote team is trying to purposely trick us) I'm sure destroys the morale of the people (like you and me) working at Evernote trying their best to deliver for as many users as they can while having to make incredibly difficult choices.  If Evernote doesn't strike the right balance, then people will leave and that is the risk the people of Evernote must face.  Let's work together (as a user forum) to boost the signal on the things we think are important, and be prepared to walk away if it doesn't work out.  But constantly challenging the intent of the Evernote team ultimately helps no one.




    +1 on this.

    As i see it, main ranters are people using evernote for 10 or 10+ years. And that is cose THEIRS way of using evernote changed. Well, different times, different usage. People are ranting cose they are now in situation that they need to change or adopt new processes or workflows after comfortably using everything same for last 10 years.  

    Maintaining 6 different softwares is just not normal or productive for evernote, and this unification is only right direction. Yes, they have/had bugs, but this is gigantic change that they are doing and is understandable. To help transition they gave possibility to use legacy evernote until all is done, so i dont see problem here.

    if evernote continue to deliver changes, even small ones every 2 weeks, when probably sprint is over i will be more than satisfied and in that case evernote future is strongly bright.  

    That doesent mean that they did everything perfectly but that is like in software development of old legacy problems.

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  3. OneNote is not near EN replacement. Used it for a while as it was connected to O365 subscription and give him a serious trial. Problems that i had with syncing, not managing to open or find notes, bugs, no taging system, rigid possibilities of sharing or nonexisting share of only one notebook, totaly different versions for mac na win.

    So, all in all, looks nice on surface, totally different case when you use it a lot.

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  4. 8 hours ago, Marko Zorec said:

    Dissapointed long time power-user of Evernote here. The new update is really really bad - just like browser version, the same thing. The news - I have switched to Bear app.

    Big, big fan of Bear, but tbh this is not evernote replacement. And to not to be confused i like bear a lot and use it a lot.

    I tried to find replacement for evernote, tried Notion, Roam, Obsidian and some more and evernote have some features that none of this ones have. Didnt tried Devonthink as i just see it as ugly overkill.

    Think we should see how new roll outs will go now with evernote, and if they manage to deliver fast new/old updates situation will be good.

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  5. 23 minutes ago, mchang said:

    I noticed slowness in:

    - startup when you launch the application

    - the user interface when clicking from one notebook to another (I See "loading notebook..." a lot in V10, not in V6.25)

    - clicking on a link and seeing the note details. It looks like V10 needs to get everything from the cloud, while V6.25 has everything local)

    - syncing when I enter something in Windows, and when it is synced to the cloud.

    I have 19.000 notes synchronized in my notebooks and use a 200 mbit symmetrical fiber internet connection

    Tnx on info.

    Yeah, i didnt experience that. Wierd.

    Launch is quick, Win and Mac machine

    Never got loading notebook and tbh didnt had syncing issues.

    Must be number of notes as i have gazilon less than you, but better optical internet 500 mbs lol :)

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  6. 2 hours ago, mchang said:

    @Dave-in-Decatur thanks for the link! I installed Evernote Legacy. Unfortunately version #10 lacks too many features and is too slow. I have been a happy paid Evernote customer since December 2008. For the first time I am considering to move my Evernote notes to a different platform like Notion...

    I am also involved in software development and I know that refactoring is very difficult, but the way version #10 was introduced is unfortunate (to say the least). The iOS client transition was painless for me, so you expect the same for the Windows version.


    Just to ask, when you say that is slow, in which way is slow? 

    I didnt notice that as for me is nicely quick, but that could also be connected with number of notes.

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