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  1. As of today, I can no longer paste images into notes. I can drag/drop files from my desktop into notes, but if I copy an image (ctrl+c) and try to paste it (ctrl+v) the cursor just moves down a line, the preview updates (showing the image I pasted), but the image never appears and eventually the preview updates again and the image goes away. I've already tried restarting everything and the issue persists. This functionality worked Friday night when I used the snipping tool to capture an image and then paste (ctrl+v) it into my note. I haven't changed anything on my system between now and
  2. Literally the only correct answer in this entire thread, where the response wasn't also delivered with a bucket of sass. To all you big brains out there posting to just use "ctrl+shift+v" or right-click 'paste in plain text'... the whole f***** point of OP's request is that he doesn't want to have to press extra keys every single f***** time they paste something when he never wants to include the source formatting.
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