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  1. Hello, yes I could access my account through the browser. I am thinking of trying a past version of Evernote windows app. Is there any where I could get a previous version? Tq..
  2. Thanks for the reply.. after I reset my Evernote password and then login with the manual method now it works.. Thank you all
  3. Hello I have just installed "awesomenote for iPad" and trying to sign in to Evernote to sync. As usual, I use "sign in with google" to log in to Evernote with all my devices. But it went into "authorisation error". I tried the manual password way but ended up in a wrong password error (as I have been using the "sign in with google" method, now I don’t even remember my Evernote password already). Any suggestion? Thank you..
  4. Hello thanks so much for your reply.. this is a home personal computer. I do not have any third party antivirus nor firewall. Only with the firewall that comes with windows 10 preinstalled.. I tried turn it off and reopen the Evernote app but still didn’t work..
  5. Hello I have just installed evernote for my windows 10 laptop. But when I start the app, i got this message "Could not connect to server" despite tried click "Try Again" many times. So could not even start the app. My internet connection was definitely on. I am not using any antivirus. And I have SSL3.0 off. Please help me on what to do. Log in with evernote web has no issue.. Thank you very much
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