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  1. Whatever happened before the EDAMSystemException is what caused the problem. Delete the note or tag listed right before the error, sync, and remake the note or tag later later. Please try reading the thread before posting a query, I posted the solution on here months ago. Thanks. findo
  2. Jamie, did you look at my post above? Every time I've had an issue with syncing it always turns out to be a note Evernote doesn't like. In your case, it's probably a recent note in your "ARTICLES & NEWS" folder. Try the steps I outlined in my post above and let us know what happened. Good luck, findo
  3. Here's what worked for me: 1. make a copy of the note or go to the webpage it was on so you can make a new note later. 2. Delete the note listed right above the EDAM error: in your case, "Brand List (Hong Kong-Local)" 3. Empty trash so the note is gone 4. Sync 5. If sync is okay, make a replacement note. Try syncing again. If sync doesn't work this time, it may be something in your webclip and you'll have to play around and make a note Evernote doesn't hate. Hope that helps, findo
  4. Just wondering if there might be any news on this. Like gazumped, I have a big project I'm trying to get into Evernote along with my usual uses on PC, iPad and iPhone. I run out of data in the first week every month, and it's going to be like that for at least the rest of this year. I love Evernote, but this is not a practical situation so I'm asking again, pretty please, to pay for extra allowance. Please, take my money and help me to keep using Evernote! Any good news for us? Thanks, findo
  5. I would also like the chance to buy more usage. I think it would be great if you could offer something like a "Premium Extra" where we could pay more for extra usage every month but also a one-off "emergency extra" where if you hit your limit and need to keep going, you can buy yourself a little extra usage then and there. Thanks for reading, findo
  6. Thanks for the helpful suggestion, The Gurkha. I loathe PDFs, but that's a useful workaround while we wait for something better Findo
  7. Jeff, you're right, but I worry about the fine line between "helpful" and "forum weirdo"! I guess the compromise is I'll make a note of anything missing and post occasional lists so I don't become Queen of the Spammed. Thanks for making me think about it, Findo
  8. Sadly the manual is still a pdf, and I'm still continually running into questions it doesn't answer. It seems insane that the one thing I can't have as a notebook in Evernote is the Evernote manual! It would be so helpful when the internet is unavailable or slow, or when I'm using an iPhone or iPad - the PDF version is awkward to read and not comprehensive. I would think it makes sense to break it up into several notes in one notebook for speed of use, especially on small devices. Also, it could provide a helpful example for beginners by showing how to organise and tag notes. I know you guys are busy creating new versions of Evernote for different devices (and as an iPad user I appreciate it), but I still think that you may lose users because of the manual, and it's still driving me crazy. Any update on when it will get an overhaul? Best regards, findo P.S. I got that paid account and I've already managed to exceed my monthly upload allowance, so you can count me as a keen user!
  9. That's good to hear. Thanks for replying - the offer of help remains open :-) findo
  10. I love Evernote, and I've been telling everyone I know! I'm getting my paid-for account very soon. But there's one thing I find frustrating, and that's the lack of a proper manual. What do I mean by "proper"? Here goes: 1. The videos are great, but not everyone wants to watch a video just to get a quick answer. Why only a pdf manual? Pdfs are the work of the devil; I'd like other choices. I can't even copy and paste a line from the pdf manual to help other users on this forum. Why not a web version, and why not an Evernote notebook that we could all use offline? (This would be great for phone versions too - looking stuff up online isn't always quick when you're out and about.) 2. The manual doesn't cover everything. I frequently have to turn to this forum for answers - and they aren't always here. Can I search for other people's public folders? A search on the word "public" does not offer any answer. 3. The manual should explain things step-by-step, in simple words, with as many illustrations as possible. For example, on page 14 it says: "To delete a Watch folder, highlight the folder (make sure it is highlighted in Blue) and hit the Delete key on your keyboard." What is a 'Watch folder'? The pdf doesn't say anywhere, and if I look in the Import Wizard, it uses the terms "source folder" and "destination folder". So which one is the Watch folder? And WHERE do I highlight it? In my list of Evernote folders? In the import wizard? This needs to be explained much more clearly. A manual should always be aimed at beginner users. I want Evernote to go from strength to strength; it's a wonderful, truly useful thing. I think if people can't get the help they need, they may stop using Evernote out of frustration, and that would be very sad. I think you should make time for a proper manual but if you really really can't, maybe you should create a public notebook and ask users to collaborate on writing one. I know I'd be happy to help out, and I hope others would be too. Very best wishes from an Evernote fan, findo
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