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  1. Sorry I said it completely wrong, luckily the note stays but it's emptied. Given this I have the free version of Evernote, so I can''t use the Note History anyways but I wish I could. How often do you backup? I clearly got to give it a try. Thank you for reaching out
  2. same issue but apparently I can't send a ticket regarding this, thank you
  3. same problem, can I get instructions too? thank you very much
  4. Already happened 5 months ago, suddenly Evernote app asks something like "there's a syncing problem in this note, choose to a. Delete recent changes b. Reset text formatting c. Solve later" but with the second it deletes the note in its entirety. This makes obviously no sense, I probably need some Note History to retrieve the previous state: can I hope to get some technical assistance?Otherwise I'd ask you how to start 1 month premium with my 10 points I got right now, I seemingly can't find the shortcut anywhere. Thank you all and sorry for being so harsh but it came as a shock again
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