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  1. Is there any plan in the future to let users search for exact phrases and phrases, maybe with the use of quotes?
  2. I love evernote and have been a dedicate user for over a year now but there's always been one thing that bugged me and that's searching within notes. I use evernote quite often to jot down information and sometimes assign inline tags to my notes using [] and <> eg. - a bunch of notes - a bunch of notes - key fact [important] - a date [date] - a bunch of notes - more notes As far as I know, there doesn't seem to be a way to search for special symbols like []@#><... Would love for this feature to be added of if it already is, for someone to enlighten me.
  3. Thanks for the quick response. Is there any chance of the search box being upgraded in the future that would accept "()" in the search box? Another way I organize my notes is through color codes. A neat future feature (at least in my opinion) might be enabling search by the color of the text?
  4. I like to label my notes with makeshift mini tags after certain sentences. eg. pg. 234 of King lyonel mentioned ... (M) the M stands for memory, as in something I might need to keep in my memory. The evernote in the mac client can search for words insid text but when I enter (M) in the search box, it just looks for the letter M and drops the parenthesis. How do I stop this from happening? Help appreciated!
  5. in addition, is there a way to auto tag all notes in a certain notebook with a tag that corresponds to the given notebook?
  6. Not sure if this is already a feature but it would be nice when looking through notes via "all notebooks" on the desktop/iphone/website to know which notebook a note came from.
  7. Oh wow. So you can. Sorry for the redundant post then. Love evernote
  8. I love evernote and it has taken over all noteworthy (pun intendant) aspects of my life. I just had one suggestion about the tags. It would be nice, after selecting a notebook, to only see tags in a particular notebook or organize tags into groups of somekind. I keep a notebook to help me remember the people I meet. There are a score of tags that could help organize this info like age, gender, occupation etc. My problem with this is that the tags section of evernote would get too crowded, especially once you factor in other notebooks and other tags. It's nice to have the tags all in one place but it would be even better to have an isolated view of all the tags in a particular notebook only. Any thoughts?
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