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  1. @jimGribbin thanks for making us aware of this. I noticed that there is more details on the Neat Blog regarding what it will mean for Neat users. Link below. http://www.neat.com/neat-hardware-exit/
  2. I am happy to report that this worked for me. I successfully installed the update and (re)connected the scanner to my account. I would note that Mike's situation wasn't unfamiliar and I would suggest a couple retries. The first time I connected the account the scanner froze. The second time after I rebooted it did not connect and gave me a weird reboot loop. Third time was a charm. It's probably imperfect but it worked for me after a couple shots. Hope this is the end of the nightmare.
  3. Thanks Jim. Based on the Neat Connect this looks VERY promising. Updated: 06/19/2017 10am EDT At your earliest convenience, please install the latest NeatConnect firmware update. The most recent NeatConnect firmware update resolves a lingering Dropbox and Evernote connectivity issue. Important: This is a mandatory NeatConnect firmware update. We recommend all NeatConnect users apply the latest firmware update – even if you did not previously experience connectivity problems between the NeatConnect and third-party software integrations (Evernote, Dropbox, Box, OneDrive).
  4. Final thoughts for now: Edison Ventures still lists them as a portfolio company (that's good news!) http://www.edisonpartners.com/portfolio/marketing-technology/Neat Koppleman @makopelman (a GP) and Goldling (no twitter handle) are on the board. I'm betting that an email or a tweet might be directed back to the company.
  5. Actually he hasn't been on there for awhile now. Looked at #neat and #neatscanner it's not pretty.
  6. Hey, here's something. According to Crunchbase the CEO is on Twitter @neatjim How about pinging him!!! https://www.crunchbase.com/person/jim-foster#/entity
  7. It's hard to imagine how a lawsuit could be useful to anyone frankly since that would surely render the devices inoperable. Best you can hope for is that they get this fixed soon. It can't be helpful to them at all. One hopes that the recent software update is a promising sign. It did look like they were prioritizing Dropbox fix over Evernote. though. Crunchbase says 6 employees. If that's true they are likely using outsourced developers. That could mean things are going to take awhile. Does anyone know of another product that is wireless (doesn't need a PC) and has similar ever
  8. According to this, they have been around for 10 years. Last funding was exactly about a year ago. https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/the-neat-company#/entity According to the SEC filing they were looking for about 2 million. The raised 1. One can speculate... https://www.sec.gov/Archives/edgar/data/1470488/000147048816000002/xslFormDX01/primary_doc.xml
  9. Thanks @JimGribbin Really appreciate you sharing the link. I guess it's not just us. Incredible actually!! It's been almost 3 months!!
  10. I emailed "support" for an update. The almost immediately responded....with *exactly* the same boilerplate that they were investigating this. I'm thinking about reporting this to the FTC since they continue to market this device touting this as a capability. I'm wondering if this is impacting all users or just a subset?
  11. Did not fix the issue for me. @JimGribbin when you say you are "mostly, unable to send scans" what do you mean? Does it work sometimes?
  12. Did everyone see this email? Did this correct the issues? I notice they don't mention Evernote. Dear NeatConnect Customer, In preparation for a forthcoming firmware update (v02.04.02.02) for our NeatConnect scanners, we wanted you to be aware of a few key items to best prepare you for this update. Once released, you should see a notification on the screen of your NeatConnect that a firmware update is available. Please read the release notes as part of this on-screen update notification. Bug Fixes 1. OneDrive - some customers have experienced an error m
  13. Has anyone heard anything from support? I'm seriously considering another scanner that actually works with Evernote. The best thing about the neat is that it was wireless and didn't need a PC. Has anyone found an alternative.
  14. I emailed them and got a canned response that others have also received. The attention they are devoting to it is questionable.
  15. I tried mine over the weekend and it is definately *NOT* working. It logs me in but tries to reactivate the authorization with Evernote. It gets stuck on that screen and then reboots.
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