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  1. Ok mate, go to intapaper website, log in, then you'll be directed to the main page with all your notes to read later waiting for you - make sure you go into your Unread folder / tag. Now - don't open any note, but notice the Share, edit, delete links below each note title? Click on share, then evernote and you'll see that pop up window - enter note title, notebook and tags. Off you go, click send and the note is waiting for you on ever note. Does it work for you?
  2. You can specify destination folder and tags for each note. While in EverP, clicking Share on the note generates a pop up, this is where you indicate notebook and tags - you can't create new ones, and they have to match those that already exist in your Evernote account. Shame it doesn't use the Evernote API but it seems to work well.
  3. Yes I'm the one who created that thread. I've tried Everpaper on the Xoom and it works well. Once you'set it up with your evernote email address Everpaper will send the full webpage to Evernote. I haven't found a way to do it automatically, so it is a 2 step process but it works well: 1. "Share" webpage to Everpaper while in the browser on your android tablet - that sends it to Everpaper 2. Then go to everpaper on the web (or the app, if you've got it), you'll see your note there. Click "Share" below the note and it sends it to Evernote using your evernote email address. I haven't found a way to get the note sent by Everpaper to Evernote automatically - am I missing something? Anyway, much better than sending just the title and the url for the webpage. Cool!
  4. ... using the Share function in the browser to get a copy of the full webpgae rather than just the url of the page visited. That would be very useful. Clipping a webpage on Android using Evernote only brings limited value at present as the note consists only of the web address and title of the note! Is it possible to implement such a feature? If that cant be done on a phone, can it be done on a tablet?
  5. Thanks Jonathan, could you upload it somewhere as it is no longer available on evernote's servers? if you could that would be great!!!
  6. thanks - does anyone know why its been removed? any chance we could get it back?
  7. hey, various apps on Android have the ability to share a page or item with a number of websites - delicious, facebook, twitter etc. Could you add Evernote to the list? For example, Dolphin browser and NewsRob (rss reader) both have the "Share Page" or "Share Item" functionality, but Evernote is not listed in the choice of options. That would be helpful in order to send webpages or items to my Evernote collection. Thanks - Nicolas
  8. a killer feature... that would considerably increase my usage of Evernote..!
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