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  1. Launch Center Pro has groups now too, one could create a whole screen of Evernote actions for creating and searching. If Omnigrouo can do this... http://bettermess.com/omnilaunch/ I'd love to see a URL scheme added to the iOS app. If the developers are reading this then the docs to implement are here: http://appcubby.com/urls/ If Evernote Corp. have considered this but can't/won't implement in the core iOS apps then maybe a resourceful dev can use the Evernote APIs to make something that does the job?
  2. I too have/had this problem. I solved it, temporarily by: hitting Home hitting 'i' button logging out logging back in to Evernote Trying again This worked for 10 minutes or so, then after a few more good attempts it failed again. Would love to see this fixed, happy to send logs (if that's possible) if it'll help.
  3. Same here. I have a tag for 'MA' Everything starting 'ma' since creating that tag is capitalized as per the original. 'MAking money' 'MAgazines' Mac client: Version 1.6.0 (68639) OS X: 10.5.8, 9L31a
  4. This is brilliant. Thank you for developing this. I too have joined the forum primarily so I can thank you for this excellent little bit of code. I've also added one more step to the process that makes things *even easier* for me. Using keywords instead of bookmarklets I'm a big keyboard fan, if I can do something without leaving my home keys and wasting time going over to the mouse or trackpad then I will, things seem to flow much faster for me when it's all done with keys. Once your bookmarklet is saved, see discussions above, you can also (in Firefox for sure (and other browsers perhaps)) add a keyword to the bookmark. I use Delicious too so this is how it looks when I bookmark* Adding a keyword means you can use the following process to clip 1) hit cmd-L - this takes you to the location bar where you type URLs 2) type your keyword - in my case 'readit' 3) there is no step 3 * Note: If you are using Delicious, and have it integrated with Firefox, you will need to bookmark once (cmd-D) then bookmark again to get the keyword option. Again all this can be done without touching the mouse/trackpad. Hope this is useful to people. You could also invoke the bookmarklet with a keyboard launcher program (Quicksilver for Mac, etc.)
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