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  1. In v7.14, the reminder dates are pretty-printed (e.g. Today, Tomorrow, Mon mm/dd, etc.).  Makes reminders much easier to use!

    If some people don't want pretty-printing - it can be a function of the size of the column.  E.g. fully expanded "Reminder Time" column shows date and time; shortened column hides time and instead shows the pretty-printed date (e.g. Today, Tomorrow, etc.).


  2. Yay for Top View!

    I'm almost ready to switch to v10 - but out of the suggested reminder-related feature requests in this post, need 2 of them before I can formally switch:

    On 10/13/2020 at 12:09 PM, xmasmoneky said:
    • Sort saved search results by reminder date:  allow saved search results to be sortable by reminder due date.  Same as this feature request; also mentioned in this feature request too.
    • Pretty-print reminder dates:  in v7.14, the reminder dates are pretty-printed (e.g. Today, Tomorrow, Mon mm/dd, etc.).  Perhaps in v10 - as the "Reminder Time" column is shortened, you can pretty print the reminder time in the same way.  E.g. fully expanded "Reminder Time" column shows date and time; shortened column hides time and instead shows the pretty-printed date (e.g. Today, Tomorrow, etc.).  See screenshot.


    Just thought I'd bump up this thread in the off chance a Product Manager at Evernote sees this and wants to give this XmasMonkey a great Xmas gift.

  3. 28 minutes ago, luckman212 said:

    There is simply no time left to start from a blank slate and ask a desperate user base to "hang on for another 3 years while we build up from scratch".

    That might be 100% true, and Evernote might lose a bunch of users because of the delay in getting out a v10 that satisfies enough user needs to create a long-term viable business.  It could even be the end of their business if the delay proves to have been too long.  I really hope this is not true, as I have been a long-time Evernote user and still prefer it - imperfections and all - to alternatives I've seen. 

    v10 isn't good enough for me at the moment, but I really appreciate I'm able to run v7 in parallel.  I don't want to be running v7 forever of course, because at some point it will go away / get too old (and I love the multi-highlighter colors in v10).  So I'm focused on boosting signal in these forums for those features I really want to see make v10, and hoping performance and other issues can be worked out with incremental, faster updates moving forward (now that they are working off a generally unified codebase).  We'll see if v10 succeeds, but I'm rooting for its success.

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  4. 1 hour ago, luckman212 said:

    Or charge more until the equation balances.

    It sounds simple in theory, but it rarely works out that way in practice.  I don't know Evernote's numbers - but I can tell you that for every dollar more you charge, you typically churn more paying users and reduce freemium conversions than you do retain users or attract new business.  I suspect raising prices on existing users during a period where Evernote knows quality and pace of innovation has suffered on the existing platform would be more harmful than helpful at this point.



    If they aren't making enough money to support the platforms properly, then drop some platforms.

    Let's assume you run Evernote.  Your data says you can't raise prices at the moment without significantly risking the revenue stream you need to fund the next-gen platform.  Dropping platforms is one way to solve this.  Which platform would you drop?  Serious question.



    When they dumped that steaming Electron &#!% pile on us it was really a slap in the face.

    It seems like the Evernote team has chosen to create a single web-native platform, and to use Electron as a way to extend support to multiple surfaces (Android, iOS, Windows, Mac).  Is Electron perfect?  Definitely not.  But if they start from this foundation - they can optimize it over time per-platform, but 80-90% of their development efforts on the web-native platform will be reusable in all of these platforms.  That means faster bug fixes, faster pace of innovation, and more consistency cross-platform.  But it comes with very real trade-offs, both short-term (e.g. performance) and long-term (e.g. things you can do as a native app well - like notifications - that you can't as a wrapped app).  I don't know if Electron is going to be the winning choice in the end - but I understand why they chose it, and I am rooting for the Evernote team to mitigate the disadvantages and amplify the strengths of their choice.

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  5. 24 minutes ago, Paul A. said:

    As for the 2% of users use tags, when the denominator is the total population of all Evernote users, including the dormant or very occasional users who may have been invited to collaborate on a single note or only keep a handful of rarely updated notes, then I could believe that number.

    If one considers the population of active, heavy, paying users, I would imagine the percentage is much higher, high enough that I doubt they would ever consider getting rid of tags.

    Was going to say the same thing.  Here's some of the data I would look at:

    • What % of searches (in search bar, clicking on a tag, etc.) make use of tags to filter the query?
    • What % of users who had tags created later remove tags?  (signal on ongoing feature utility)
    • What % of users who create a tag in week 1 of installing Evernote come back in week 2?  (i.e. impact of tags on product retention)
    • What % of free accounts that convert to premium have tags created?
    • What % of paying users have tags created?
    • What % of 7-day active paying users have tags created?
    • What % of premium accounts that renews in the past 24 months have tags created?

    There is a ton more ways to slice the data - e.g. classifying users into casual, intermediate, and power users based on activities / activity level and then seeing how much tag usage correlates with each classification, etc.  Finally - to top it all off - there are also some features that are just foundational to the product that you can't leave out, or you might get an unexpected signal boost in importance through feedback from users in forums, etc.  One hopes that the Evernote team looks at all these quantitative and qualitative data points together to help drive product and prioritization decisions.

    I personally think concepts like "tags" and "notebooks" fall under the foundational concept of Evernote (organizing your notes).  So I doubt they would ever be cut (but if they were - I'd personally have to find another solution).  But I think about something like Top View.  It was cut from Evernote's last big update a few years ago, I think based on low usage.  Many of the people on this forum (myself included) really pushed hard for it to be restored, and an Evernote employee took notice and engaged with the forum on better helping to articulate the value of the feature despite stats showing low usage.  We made a compelling case that not being able to see a note full-width had a real negative impact on a whole class of users (those working on smaller screens).  Evernote eventually brought it back - and though it isn't in v10 yet (so I continue to use v7 myself), the Evernote team proactively mentioned it is coming given the signal boost they received years ago on its importance.

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  6. 22 minutes ago, luckman212 said:

    There is simply no other rational explanation.


    The Evernote Team is not "out to get us".  Maintaining 6 unique native code bases (Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, Web, sync platform) is INCREDIBLY HARD.  Feature sets diverge between all platforms, angering users.  Pace of innovation slows, angering users.  Technical debt inevitably builds, but now you have 6 unique sources of varying technical debt.  As a result - bug fixing pace slows, angering users.  Meanwhile Evernote is a business, and it has to be sustainable.  Every company eventually reaches the "we have to make significant upgrades to our aging platform / approach if we're going to make it" phase.  Many companies throw in the towel at this point.  Evernote is fighting through this phase.  Hard choices will have to be made.  But I for one am glad they are fighting through this and trying to come out the other end.  

    Hard choices mean some features will get left behind.  I might love feature X - but if the data says it is not widely used, or it is too cost-prohibitive to include - Evernote might have to cut it.  I might hate that decision.  I might join the forums and try to rally support from fellow users to demonstrate to Evernote that the return on supporting the feature is worth the investment.  This new data may help Evernote prioritize the feature now or later down the road - or they might still have to cut it in the name of creating a long-term viable platform.  But if you think the people at Evernote are happy to reduce any features that users find helpful, then you need to think again.  No software developer wants to make software less useful for users.  But the entire company going out of business because the software was unsustainable helps no one.

    It bugs me when people on this forum ***** on the people of Evernote.  One can say "It is incredibly short-sighted to leave out feature X because of A, B, and C".  But saying things like "user-hostile behavior" and "shame on us" (as if the Evernote team is trying to purposely trick us) I'm sure destroys the morale of the people (like you and me) working at Evernote trying their best to deliver for as many users as they can while having to make incredibly difficult choices.  If Evernote doesn't strike the right balance, then people will leave and that is the risk the people of Evernote must face.  Let's work together (as a user forum) to boost the signal on the things we think are important, and be prepared to walk away if it doesn't work out.  But constantly challenging the intent of the Evernote team ultimately helps no one.




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  7. First off - kudos to implementing my #1 feature request with reminders (the ability to set "No date")!  Sure - it took 7 years - but it was a tiny feature request that I didn't expect to get prioritized, so to see it in v10 is great.

    Some v10 wishlist items related to reminders:

    • All Reminders button:  in addition to an "All Notes" button in the left-hand nav - add an "All Reminders" button.  This button jumps straight to the "Reminders" view.  See screenshot.  Also see this feature request.
    • Sort saved search results by reminder date:  allow saved search results to be sortable by reminder due date.  Same as this feature request; also mentioned in this feature request too.
    • Pretty-print reminder dates:  in v7.14, the reminder dates are pretty-printed (e.g. Today, Tomorrow, Mon mm/dd, etc.).  Perhaps in v10 - as the "Reminder Time" column is shortened, you can pretty print the reminder time in the same way.  E.g. fully expanded "Reminder Time" column shows date and time; shortened column hides time and instead shows the pretty-printed date (e.g. Today, Tomorrow, etc.).  See screenshot.
    • Allow date-only reminders (no time):  it would be great to create reminders with a due date, but no "time" within the day.  See screenshot.




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  8. 16 hours ago, FunkyPlaid said:

    It appears that the new version of EN no longer has a force sync button or any obvious way for us to manually apply a server sync. I do see the 'All changes saved' status in the lower right-hand corner of the note window, but I'd like to know if this functionality is gone forever now.

    Out of curiosity - if the new Evernote app keeps everything in sync in real-time, why do you need the manual sync button?

    I've been trained from many years of Evernote use to click the manual "Sync" button - so it is weird not to have it anymore - but after thinking about it some more, I realized I should never have had to build the habit of triggering sync myself (it should just happen in real-time without intervention, which it looks like it now does).

  9. 1 hour ago, patanne said:

    i will believe it when the feature is actually back. someone (or group) inside evernote who i hope no longer works there removed top view years ago only to bring it back when the outcry was so large it could not be ignored. this could be a test to see how many people complain.

    I remember that. It was removed - but they heard enough users cite exactly why the feature was useful (e.g. full-width note viewing on small screens) and they brought it back. Props to the Evernote team for listening. This time - they have already said it will be supported but is not yet released. I can use v7 until it is ready. I think that is fair.

  10. 15 minutes ago, gazumped said:

    Hi.  Support don't (always) react to posts here.  Best to raise this as a direct request - if you're a subscriber - and post the result..  https://help.evernote.com/hc/requests/new

    Ah ok. I posted in the v10 Bugs forum (but the topic was moved here). I can file a ticket with support directly, just thought if I posted others might have insight or +1 the issue. 

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  11. Love the new ability to use header styles in notes.

    I edited a note and added large, medium, and small headers. I changed the font-size of the headers and used the “Update header to match style” option to set a new style for all my headers.

    Within that note - highlighting text and applying a header style correctly used my custom header style. However in a different note - applying the header style used the default Evernote header style vs. the custom one I created. 

    Is it a bug that my custom header styles don’t persist between notes?  Or is that on purpose?

  12. On 10/7/2020 at 8:36 AM, DTLow said:

    edit  This is the best news I've seen; we can install a legacy version, and run side-by-side with v10

    By the way - appreciate the Evernote team releasing v10 in a way that you can still run v7.  Migrating to a new code base is *always* painful (but necessary to unlock the next wave of innovation).  This gives users options to maintain current workflows until v10 matures enough for them to switch over (and/or they decide v10 is not going to work for them no matter what).

    That said - I need Top View back or else I'm leaving forever.  And you'll miss me.  Believe me.  You'll miss me.

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  13. 14 minutes ago, JayCee2013 said:

    xmasmoneky, thank you for your response. That it's on Evernote Web sounds great, but it's far from convenient. In 8 years of using Evernote, I think I've used the Web version once! There's no excuse for not having it on the desktop app after all these years.


    I hear you.  I have been requesting a feature for 7 years - the ability to clear the date on a reminder - which seems simple (to me), but probably won't be prioritized vs. the re-platforming they are doing.

  14. 6 minutes ago, JayCee2013 said:

    It's 2020, and still no ability to change the highlighter color???? It's a standard feature in other comparable software — and it has been so for a long time now. What's taking so long!

    It’s there. Go to the new Evernote Web (in beta) and you can choose highlighter colors.   I believe this will come to the desktop apps at the next update, but the next update of desktop apps seems to be taking longer than usual. But at least the web version proves the feature exists now. 

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  15. 6 minutes ago, Kimsman said:

    Jefito: Hooray!!! Although I can't see your graphic or go to your link (I am not allowed access because I'm not in the "Evernote Exclusive Preview") but I am in the regular beta, I guess, and color highlights are there!!! In fact, if you highlight a note in a color other than the standard yellow, it will sync that color over to the desktop and Android versions even though those colors are "not available". It has taken at least 6 years, but it is finally being done.

    Time for me to start a new "There are too many highlighter color choices, and it is confusing.  Please limit highlighter colors to just yellow or I will abandon Evernote." thread!

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