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  1. Posting here as a last resort after searching here on the forum and around the web. EN Web Clipper is working great on my other browsers but not in Safari. The clipper will load and allow me to select my notebook and tags, but when I click "Save Clip" it will get stuck on "Syncing" and never actually save the clip. Have deleted and reinstalled the Web Clipper extension several times with no change. I'm on Mac OS 10.13.6 and Safari 13.0.5. Weirdly, the EN Web Clipper app in my Applications folder comes up as version 1.0.5 in the "Get Info" dialog. However, looking at the Extensions pane in Safari Preferences, the EN Web Clipper version is listed as 7.12.3. In another oddity, it seems that the latest available version of the Web Clipper (according to the App Store at least) should be 7.12.4, not 7.12.3. When I click the "Update" button in App Store, though, the App Store app just gives me the spinning "on hold" icon and never actually updates the component. I have manually deleted and reinstalled the Web Clipper component several times with the same result - the app always shows up as 7.12.3 in Safari and as 1.0.5 in the "Get Info" window, and I cannot update the component via the App Store (I get the spinning "on hold" icon every time). Anyone seen this? Any advice or tips? TIA!!!
  2. @Ian Small thank you for the update!
  3. Has there been any indication from the EN dev team regarding the timeline for fixing this issue? (Apologies if this post is redundant. I DM'ed Shane D as well but have not heard back) Thanks All!
  4. +1 on this feature request. Scannable is a nice tool, but adding the ability to tag on the way into Evernote would elevate its utility considerably. Thanks!
  5. Quick shout out to Justin (aka Veritrope), whose custom script is totally saving my bacon in this area. Thanks!!! The script is working perfectly and is saving me many hours of forensic archiving and organizing. Thank you again.
  6. To the Evernote team, I recently undertook a "spring cleaning" of my various email inboxes, in an attempt to archive and organize the 10,000+ emails I've received so far this year. (I run three different businesses and also contract on many concurrent projects, so am CC'ed on a massive amount of email correspondence.) As great as Evernote is - and as much as I want it to become my "universal inbox" - the current lack of an email import function that includes attachments is beyond frustrating. The prospect of attempting to parse and save/export literally thousands of email attachments, and somehow keep them chronologically attached to their various email threads, was so daunting that I ultimately just gave up. I love Evernote and a lot of things about it are really great - even indispensable - but if this issue does not get resolved soon, I will out of necessity have to move to another solution. Please, please, please tell me that you are going to fix this. Very truly yours, Erik Huber
  7. Hi Justin, Just circling back on this. Thank you for your offer of the beta version of the new script! I'll send you my email address via Veritrope.com contact form too...but wanted to leave my info here as well. Best email is: erik.huber (AT) mac.com I am also on twitter under the username: erikhuber Thanks again!!!
  8. It's been awhile, and I just wanted to "stir the pot" on this topic a bit... Dave, any further thoughts re: implementing a one button capture (including attachments) inside Mail.app? Justin, any luck with the new revision of your script? (I am using the "old" script all the time, BTW - works great! Many thanks!)
  9. Totally agree with the OP and have posted elsewhere regarding this issue. This may not be an ideal solution - but you can highlight your text and then hit Cmd-C (copy to buffer) followed by Ctrl-Cmd-V (global Paste to Evernote command). Two keystrokes and you're done. I use this frequently in lieu of an "Evernote Capture" button in Mail.app. HTH, Erik
  10. This is a feature request for a "one button capture" (similar to Evernote button in Safari) that would allow for a direct batch import to Evernote of all selected messages in Mail.app, with the ability to tag (and/or select notebook) on the way in. I've been playing around with a couple of scripts (thanks Justin!) but as of yet have not found a tidy way to keep attachments in place... which is a serious issue if Evernote is to become my "universal inbox" and digital filing system. Thanks for listening!
  11. Nice find. This is a big help - thanks! Justin / Veritrope - your script looks great and I will definitely give that a shot as well! Great resources guys. Much appreesh!
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