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  1. Hi, I know you are aware of the bug(s) with your Safari Extension for OS X Lion. Nevertheless I wanted to ask, if there is any chance to get the old Extension back, where the Webclip was posted direct to the Evernote Mac App and not via Internet Extension. The Reason? It was the fastest Web Clipping Experience I ever saw! Now delay when clipping a whole Page until it is transferred to your Server. Or you put in a solution like in your Google Chrome Extension or maybe Readitlater or Memonic (best clipper at the moment) to get the Data in the background. Thanks!
  2. I have just upgraded to 1 year premium today and did not know/see before that this is an old bug in the Android Client. Please fix it in the Android App so we don't have to rotate every picture after syncing into one or the other app. Thank you.
  3. Yes, besides the share option it is the local storage which is missing - comparing to my "old" note taking Android app (3banana from snaptic) it is a must have when you have no connection (like in trains e.g). Would be enough to edit text notes without any graphics etc (like 3banana e.g.). Is there a roadmap for this feature? Will go Premium! Thanx for Evernote and the Android app!
  4. The workaround does not work on my G1 - when I select/tap an contact it does not appear in the evernote "To" field so I have to enter the mail adress manually?!
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