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  1. Thanks BurgersNFries! Yes, I am aware this is a user's forum, just wondered if any of the users had figured this out and not posted the outcome. And, thanks for clarifying that the previous post was (I think) dealing with a request about conversion of writing to text. I didn't catch this. I definitely understand the difference, and am interested in having my handrwritten notes from Penultimate recognized by the OCR index and searches in Evernote. It seems to work with words, but I'm having a hard time getting Evernote's OCR to recognize dates (e.g., 4/14/13 when written as handwriting in a note isn't found when I search on it within Evernote). Do you have any thoughts on OCR with dates? Thanks!
  2. Hi, Did anyone ever reply with a satisfactory answer to this query? Thanks!
  3. One other application I can see for this request: I use Expensify, which automatically connects an Expensify Notebook in Evernote to the Expensify program. If I photograph a receipt on my iPhone with Evernote, and send it to that Notebook, it is automatically imported into Expensify. But, after that has happened, I'd like to just dump all my notes from the Expensify Notebook to my "Master" notebook. Right now I have to first select all the notes, tag them with my "Receipt" tag, and then drag them into my Master Notebook. If they could be auto-tagged with "Receipt" the minute they show up in the Expensify Notebook, I could just drag them to the Master. One comment...I've noticed on many Support fora that people with replies often first evaluate whether the request is worthwhile. While I do think this can be a valuable exercise, and anyone reading the reply should also think about the worthwhileness of it, there may nonetheless be many uses for a request that the person replying may not have thought of. So, I think the protocol should be: 1. Indicate why you think the request would be worthwhile or not, and then 2. Answer the request if you can. If it's not a request that can be accommodated, then say so. But, many inventors of new ways of doing things would have never made their breakthroughs had they listened to all the people who told them that something couldn't be done, or wasn't worth doing a certain way. Thanks
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