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  1. I still do not understand why one can view only thumbnails of images and not open the images themselves. Back when I had an android phone, evernote was my goto app for notetaking. One of the primary ways I used it was to take pictures--say of a recipe or a passage in a book--then later I could open it on my notebook OR my phone and read it. With the WebOS app this has never been possible. Why not? That is the feature that would bring me back to evernote. Until then, not worth much to me. I had hopes when I went to install this, but alas, no go.
  2. I'm used to the android evernote app, where i can snap pictures (of say a recipe from a book) and upload them and then later open them on my phone and click on them and have them enlarge enough to read. I have been unable to figure out how to do this with evernote for the pre. Am I doing something wrong? Is there anyway to download the pic to the pre so it can be read in the photo viewer?
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