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  1. So, I'm starting to get frustrated. I asked months ago about the import folder and all I ever hear is "it's coming" yet we are getting no real updates on this. Then today I got notice that Evernote will no longer be updating the legacy version. While I understand the desire to drive people to the new program, the import folder is vital to my productivity system. I've been patient, but I'd really like more than "it's coming." If there are major issues getting it to work, at least tell us that. Honesty goes along way in our day and time. But, getting strung along doesn't. Please, Evernote, give us something here!
  2. I haven't looked at the new version of Evernote because I will not use Evernote without the Import Folder option. I could use OneNote for free in that case, since it doesn't have an import folder option either. But, is there a timeline for when we might see this added, or is it one of the things that will just go away?
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