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  1. Thanks for your answer DT; Could you comment on the disparity between the two search methods used, in my previous post? (For penicillin)
  2. Thank you for the answer Gazumped. Here's another example; Penicillin can be dectected through search function on top left but entirely undetectable (I've used all plausible permutation of letters and caps) in the ctrl+F function. This image is a jpg. Quick edit: the previous image was also a jpg. I've tried other image format to confirm that format wasn't an issue.
  3. Hey guys ! Finally made the jump from Notability and OneNote to moving the entirety of my medical curriculum and tools on Evernote. I've been thinking about it for a long time and decided to make the move ! The question is for Windows version, updated, Premium account. I've noticed a strange behavior when using the search function and wondered if anyone could help me. When I search for specific terms using the search bar for notes, I can find specific terms through ORC However, when using the "Search in notes" function, I can't seem to detect text: Also, written text recognition doesn't work in either search function (for example, I can't detect Heart or When or Water, which are "well written" words). Thanks
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