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  1. (any option to move the question to the correct topic doesnt seem available here)
  2. Yes through the web client ! I guess now that OS doesnt matter using the web client and this question should be in another thread.. 😃 sorry missed that
  3. Every time I try changeing my email - Evernote prompt that I have have typed in the wrong password. Even though that is not tru, I do type or copy/past in the precise password I use to login. Works everytime I login but not when I shall change email adress. Thanks for any support
  4. I cant find any info regarding device compability including e-ink readers. I want this info from Evernote to know which one to buy. Love Evernote and want to use it during bedtime from e-ink reader. Seems not to work on Kindle but perhaps Onox or similar? Sony had a product long time ago that worked with Evernote I read, but cant find any rooted info at all about the situation 2020. Thanks, Arp
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