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  1. Hi, Thank you for trying to help, unfortunately the previous version didn't do the trick either. Notes can't be found from the existing note, from its note history or from the bin. I also tried to do every possible trick I could come up with the browser itself. But thanks anyhow.
  2. Hi all, I'm a premium evernote user. I've been finishing up my thesis and all of a sudden I lost all my notes for the last 5 hours. I've been synced for this whole time, but the note history claims that last time I was synced was 5 hours ago. wtf? Before this evernote's been doing these "double copies" automatically, which has been a bit bothersome, but this is really annoying. First the program copies your notes again and again and then suddenly it doesn't copy them at all and deletes them?? If there's no way to fix this, then I've had enough with this software and taking my money somewh
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