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  1. hi same issue here, for these past 2 months, i am not able to share my evernote, notes via whatsapp anymore. it was the most important and most convenient way of discussion with my other colleagues and suddenly i cant do it anymore. it is to me the most important feature that sets evernote apart from other apps. now my options are only limited to email. which sucks, as i cant share it immediately, and if via email, my evernote share becomes a 'formal' discussion. as far as i am concerned, it is a MAJOR problem for evernote. Kindly fix the issue. or if its fixed already, kindly assist. thank you.
  2. Hi i am an orthopedic surgeon who heavily uses Evernote on a daily basis. infact, nearly every patient i see - i take a minimum of 2 xrays pict, wound picts, and intraoperative picts. I would like to collage these photos either on my laptop or Samsung Note but there is no easy way. For example, i take a front and a lateral view xray photo - and i would like to collage them into one single photo. How about simple photo editing - especially to crop photos. for the time being, the easiest to use is microsoft paint on my laptop. the integration is so good, that i right click the photo to open in paint, crop it and only click save. the photo is immediately updated in my evernote patient file. wowzers!. and i dont even have to save the pic temporarily elsewhere and update the photo again. if Evernote has something like this to collage photos, would be a tremendous help to my daily work and routine. If anyone here as a quick fix to the problem i have, kindly share. Meanwhile, stay safe, and mask on, always.
  3. Nope, i have the exact same problem as well. i take the picture properly on my Samsung Note 10+ stock camera app, but when i upload it into evernote, the orientation goes haywire. and when i open the file up on my laptop, it either corrects itself, remains the same. When i take a photo using the evernote take-a-photo button, the photos frequently goes missing which is worse.
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