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  1. Cursor Issues: in some dark backgrounded notes, particularly where text has been appropriated from a web page, the location of the current cursor may be invisible. If you select the affected text and choose "Simplify Formatting", the location of the cursor will now be evident. Apparently some embedded formatting is messing with the ability of Evernote to show us where the cursor is at!
  2. I still have issues with saving a story from a website only to have an empty entry appear. The title page is filled in, but nothing else. Forcing a sync doesn't usually remedy this situation. Waiting 10 minutes or quitting and restarting the app usually does. But it is VERY frustrating when all I want to add to the note is a date or the author's name & source. I have moved on long before Evernote lets me edit, or for that matter, even see the new note. Please fix this.
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