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  1. Cursor Issues: in some dark backgrounded notes, particularly where text has been appropriated from a web page, the location of the current cursor may be invisible. If you select the affected text and choose "Simplify Formatting", the location of the cursor will now be evident. Apparently some embedded formatting is messing with the ability of Evernote to show us where the cursor is at!
  2. I still have issues with saving a story from a website only to have an empty entry appear. The title page is filled in, but nothing else. Forcing a sync doesn't usually remedy this situation. Waiting 10 minutes or quitting and restarting the app usually does. But it is VERY frustrating when all I want to add to the note is a date or the author's name & source. I have moved on long before Evernote lets me edit, or for that matter, even see the new note. Please fix this.
  3. I also had difficulties last night with Evernote on my iPad mini. I came close to the solution of deleting and reinstalling, but continued persistence and several relaunches finally forced Evernote to realize that it's October and time it started showing notes that I'd made in this month (like all 200 or so). A major symptom of the issue is that in settings, Evernote said it had never been synced (yes - I dutifully upgrade as soon as any new version appears). That is, of course, not even remotely true. Pressing 'sync now' led to some icon twirling on the menu bar but no new notes. If I had to confront this again I'd suggest deleting and reinstalling provided a)you have the time, you are on WiFi. Neither solution is optimal if you are trying to look up a quick factoid that you entered just yesterday on your desktop, so... Words of wisdom: Road warriors that don't daily use Evernote on your iPad mini or other mobile device. Load it up and check for concurrency before heading out. Make sure it is up-to-date and actually connecting with the mother ship. Assume nothing.
  4. Hi. I had 5.0.1 and just downloaded the 5.0.2. Evernote is unrecoverable. I launch it, no window appears, and hold-clicking the dock icon reports the app is not responding/force quit. Tried deleting and re-installing twice. Restarted, no difference. Help.
  5. JMichael has a good point on search - it is a feature that needs to work flawlessly; this feature is probably the aspect of Evernote that deserves the most attention right now by the developer. I have over 15,000 notes and Evernote's ability to help me find the one I need right now could definitely be improved. JMichael - thanks for pointing out that table of Win-Mac inequalities. I am preparing a series of articles on Evernote and that table will be very useful. If anyone has any other quirks or inequalities to point out-for either the Mac or Win version, please post them.
  6. Personally I think the new gray on white is a big step backward and is in no way a desirable feature. I'd rather have many more features than this one (for starters I'd like all font sizes from 12 to 20 available in the pop-up menu). I'd also like a 'sticky' color swatch or two (like red, green and blue) that I only had to click on instead of opening up the ^&%$ dialog which is a real pain if you are on a MacBook Air. A button that provided a highlighter would be nice too. I also personally would like a styles capability - it would save me a lot of time with my 12,708 notes. While I am on the subject of requests I'd also like a easier and faster way to edit tags. Sorting the list by number of times used would make it easier for me to eliminate or consolidate ones I rarely or almost never use. Please provide the option of a more colorful, controllable GUI. I really don't care what the default is as long as there are other options. Right now it is any color you'd like as long as it's white or gray. I also think you should consider a 'dim' skin (easily toggled to/from) for those of us working in dimly lit rooms. All the white in the current skin is dazzlingly distracting in such a circumstance.
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