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  1. "To put it simply: Tags let me Filter, Folders let me browse." -- this is good. Yes give us folders - preferably asap.
  2. Yes - please, add sub-folders / categories / etc. I am getting the feeling from reading these threads that the EN people are 'refusing' to add this? Is that really true? Why would a company alienate it's user base by refusing to add a feature that so many have requested? Well, my position is simple, if I find the program a burden to use, and I will if I cannot find a way to organize things the way I am USED to organizing them, then I will simply stop using it - it wont happen right away, however small frustrations will build up over time, and inertia will take its toll. Probably will happen in about - 2 or 3 weeks I imagine. Meanwhile I am looking for a different service - or unless I can get a different feeling from the EN development team. Also - I can add this feature if they dont want to - just give me teh codez.
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